- (v.) verb - The act of putting explosives in ones own and/or friends ears while igniting them during any song of Nickelback; purposely blowing out the ear drums, so yourself/and/or/he/she/they do not have to hear the gayest group of pathetic noise making douchebags', so called, " HARD ROCK" music ever again.
EXPL - " Q- What the fuck is that? "
" A- It's Nickelback, and I have a solution!...Put these packs of

firecrackers in your ears and light them! "
A- It's Nickelback, and the only solution is to start Nickelbacking!...Put these packs of firecrackers in your ears and light em'!
by GLOBE111 April 18, 2011
Top Definition
A twisted, vile game in which, upon hearing a Nickelback song on the radio, a person immediately calls a friend, cranks up the volume, and forces them to listen to Nickelback without saying anything else. The answerer of the phone must listen to Nickelback as long as can be tolerated before hanging up. If the caller receives no answer, he must leave a voicemail recording of the entire Nickelback song to thoroughly disappoint the Nickelback'd individual and ruin his day. Retaliations must continue until one of the players surrenders.

It should also go without saying that the victim must hate Nickelback for the game to work.
Ang: This Nickelbacking has gone far enough!

Rob: Yeah, I heard Pigeon got you real good with Photograph.

Ang: True, but I Someday'd him up the rear and out the mouth last week!

Robyn: I like Nickelback.

Everyone: DIE.
by Chernorizets Hrabr April 10, 2008
exposure of a cat's anus (shitty, like the band) generally exposed during a petting session when he turns his butt toward your face and raises his tail. It is not a good experience, but you figure the cat must be ignorant of how awful it is, because no creature would willingly torture someone in that way (shitty, like the band)

also his butt is round (like a nickel!) and on his backside..
You: "Goddammit the cat is nickelbacking me again"
Me: "Well at least it's not quite as shitty as the band"
by blourtney13 April 01, 2010
When someone leaves their Facebook up on an open computer, and their friends immediately change everything about their profile to being in love with the band Nickelback.
Jess left her computer open, so we'll be Nickelbacking her. We've changed her favorite music, books, and movies to Nickelback, her status to "I love Nickelback," her profile picture to Chad Kroeger, and her sexuality to All The Right Reasons.
by FDR2012 November 14, 2011
A verb used to describe when a band starts off with satisfactory music then becomes one-dimensional like the band Nickelback.
Stone Sour is totally nickelbacking with their latest hit.
by bellznwhistlez February 02, 2007
The act of forcibly keeping back insults on a subject that someone brings up, and making yourself say something neutral, if not positive.
Your Friend: "Nickelback is a great hard rock, post-grunge band, you know what I mean? The kind that symbolizes the efforts of countless musicians before them, such as Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix"

You: (choking back insults) "Yeah bro their alright"

You think- "NICKELBACK IS TERRIBLE!... Good thing I remembered Nickelbacking!
by HateRednecks December 10, 2011
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