good band
fans are generally fanatics
theres a new nickelback CD i got
OOOO where can i get it?
its sold out
(takes out gun)
well i think you wont have it long
by Reco April 30, 2004
If the band Nickelback sucked, then I guess all of modern rock except for Green Day would go down the fucking drain. Let's face it. The songs Nickelback produces aren't like the bullshit hard/metal rockers emanate, which usually circumscribes the usual staid themes, such as drugs, shootings, tatoos or all that other kind of CRAP. As a matter of fact, most of their songs deal with human faith, which contributes to its popularity. And, of course, I have to say: at least Nickelback isn't a poser PUNK ROCK band, like:

Blink 182
Drowning Pool

Yeah, NICKELBACK fucking ROCKS. So stfu!
by Nickelback kicks ass dog August 31, 2005
An awsome band that kicks ass hard. They are not posers like other bands. *ehem cough* good charlotte *cough*
Nickelback is the best band ever, I can't wait until their concert
by glockgal October 02, 2006
Ryan Peake rocks!!!, shld sing more 4 Nickelback but Chad Krooger, OOOOOOO, ledge!
the lads gonna go far!
by Jamie October 20, 2004
best band in the world.
look theres nickelback! where's my quill?
by alison May 03, 2004
Fuckin awesome rock band from Canada that puts on one hell of a show and offers a variety of musical styles while continuing to rock hard on every album. Singer/Guitarist, Chad Kroeger, offers a new style of singing with his deep, raspy voice in comparsion to the ever-popular bitch-and-moan-winey-high pitched-emo voice seen in today's punk/emo.
"Dude, did you hear a lot of people hate Nickelback?"
"Yeah, man, fuck them, they can go play with themselves with their Ashlee Simspon records."
by Shane August 05, 2005

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