The hottest Jonas Brother. He writes most of their music, and is the lead vocalist. He also plays the piano and guitar and drums. He is known for his super curly hair and adorable smile. Many people hate him, but they're really just jealous. He has diabetes and does all sorts of charity work to raise awareness for it. He is really serious, and has been linked romantically to Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.
Hannah: I think I'm going to marry Nick Jonas.

Courtney: Dream on. He's way out of your league.
by Zhiana Elle August 24, 2009
Amazing. What else is there to say??????
"I never, trust a dog to watch my food, and I like to use the word Dude! as a noun or an adverb or an adjective..." OMG I'm totally falling in love with Nick Jonas right there!
by askjdawkojf April 07, 2011
The most amazing guy in the universe who will NEVER have sex until he's married. Ignore all the hate definitions from losers who will probably never get a girlfriend and are just jealous. He has an amazing voice and plays the instruments awesomely! He is the youngest in the best band in the world... JONAS BROTHERS!!! <333
Nick Jonas gave a very lucky fan a hug.
by jonas luvas August 30, 2008
1) A living God. Sex God, that is.
2) The most amazing, inspiring person you will ever hear of.
3) Not gay whatsoever, despite rumors that people believe.
4) Believed to have rekindled his flame with Miley Cyrus after preforming "Before the Storm" in Dallas, TX on their Summer 2009 tour, Jonas Brothers World Tour
Fan 1: Holy S*#( Nick Jonas is so hot.
Fan 2: The 'Rolling Stone' picture? Hotness on legs.

Fan 1: Did you hear about Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus?
Fan 2: Yeah. Niley's back.
by njjwantsme June 30, 2009
an incredible man with a huge dick that gives extreme pleasure to his wife.
katie loves nick jonas in bed ;D
by katiejonasbaby February 13, 2010
perfect in every way,amazing,beautiful <3 , senstive, *cough* my husband.
nick jonas = amazing.
by niccckj123 August 24, 2008
Sexy curly haired singer with big muscles. Has the sexiest voice in the entire world and will one day marry a girl whos enitials are r d. yeeeaah ..
nick jonas: *every girls faints when he starts singing coz his voice is so sexy*
by i do pooo April 13, 2009

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