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A complete fucking asshole who seems nice by donating money to diabetes but hes actually a selfish prick trying to get pussy out of it (thats you fucking Miley Cyrus)while covering up the fact that he fucks his brothers and other guys during his free time. truth be told he doesnt deserve to live and i want to crack his dome in half.
Nick Jonas loves to stare at twinks all day.

Diabetes is a terrible disease and i feel sorry for everyone who has it, except Nick Jonas.


I want to go fetus whip nick jonas with miley cyrus' first kid that she had at age 9.
by jesusplayswaterpoloallday November 30, 2008
1) A living God. Sex God, that is.
2) The most amazing, inspiring person you will ever hear of.
3) Not gay whatsoever, despite rumors that people believe.
4) Believed to have rekindled his flame with Miley Cyrus after preforming "Before the Storm" in Dallas, TX on their Summer 2009 tour, Jonas Brothers World Tour
Fan 1: Holy S*#( Nick Jonas is so hot.
Fan 2: The 'Rolling Stone' picture? Hotness on legs.

Fan 1: Did you hear about Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus?
Fan 2: Yeah. Niley's back.
by njjwantsme June 30, 2009
an incredible man with a huge dick that gives extreme pleasure to his wife.
katie loves nick jonas in bed ;D
by katiejonasbaby February 13, 2010
Sexy curly haired singer with big muscles. Has the sexiest voice in the entire world and will one day marry a girl whos enitials are r d. yeeeaah ..
nick jonas: *every girls faints when he starts singing coz his voice is so sexy*
by i do pooo April 13, 2009
perfect in every way,amazing,beautiful <3 , senstive, *cough* my husband.
nick jonas = amazing.
by niccckj123 August 24, 2008
Man, Yesterday I totally got a Nick Jonas!
by Nunya Beeswax Foshizzlie January 02, 2009
A poser,sellout faggot who needs guitar and vocal lessons.
preppy teenager 1: "oh my god, nick jonas is soooo HAWT!!"

preppy teenager 2: " I know! and hes so good at guitar!"

metalhead: "go listen to some iron maiden you little skanks."
by crazy metalhead July 19, 2008