1. a Homosexual
Nick is a homosexual
by Erjoto July 17, 2011
Nick has the smallest penis, and cannot cum or jizz.
His nickname is NJ (No Jizz). he is terrible at picking up cunts.
Nick - I like you.

Girl - Fuck off you cant jizz.
by Intencefence. August 12, 2011
Fag straight up fag; is usually A small man deemed a jewburger, fag-atron, or just the fag who lives down the street from you in a cardboard box who likes asian male buttsex
Nick is a fag.
by Analpounder8==> May 12, 2011
A man who is perpetually fucked up and cannot find his face in the morning with a razor.
Mitch is nicks.
by Modge June 22, 2003
an annoying kid, Probably a homosexual, has few is any friends, his cousins and relatives are close to his because he is so repulsive that outside people have to stay away, is extremely gullible and has no chance with the girl he likes.
Lee: what is that smell.

Madison: I think its Nicks socks. He's using a blow dryer

Lee: thats gross

Gunner: The idiot still believes that we kissed in the woods

Madison: Wow! he's so stupid
by naturalcauses58 February 27, 2011
a person who has a mom that is smokin hot who gets heck about it from his friends
guy 1: dude i'd tap your mom...

guy 2: shut up man!

guy 1: face it man, you're a nick
by thaman107 April 26, 2010
a nigger with white skin
by likemycunt January 18, 2010

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