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1) (noun) a meaningless "relationship" lasting anywhere from an hour to a week or two

2) (verb) to have one of these relationships
1) "I pulled a nick and we broke up after three days"

2) "I nicked him"
by Carls Barkley March 29, 2007
1. (Verb) Stumbling and falling, especially slowly and over chairs or while talking on the phone.

2. (Noun) Someone who stumbles or falls in public.
1. "Dude, Mandy just nicked over the stairs!"

2. "Don't be a nick, be careful not to fall."
by That Guy with the Typewriter October 05, 2009
A Fat, Irish Drunk, With hilarious stories about almost dying, getting wasted, and a creepy little girl that haunts his house.
Person #1: Guy there was a this one time I got totally wasted and end up at the back of a truck driving 120km/h with a chainsaw and a 24 pack of beer,Then the next day I went on a rollercoaster that went upside down but my strap wouldn't fasten so i almost fell out but I got it on at the last second, then I had a dream about a creepy girl and she was creeping around my room and my face skin was peeling off, so I woke up with pickachu's severed head hanging in front of my face. So I read a book exept I was too drunk, So when I sobered up I don't know how the fuck I got to the end of the book. Then I remembered this is why.

Person #2: You are one crazy bastard Nick, Kokanee for everyone!
by One Sneaky Bastard August 22, 2008
a small chip, or a small slice
"I nicked the glass."
by Nick-09 March 01, 2006
the definiton of a player, flirts with every female living thing, one who is disrespectful to girls, very self considerate, uses girls to make the love of his life jelous. secretly feeling sorry for himslef, and wants others to give him sympathy, but no one cares.
mark: i really like that new girl

scott: yeah, she cute, but i heard the last guy she dated was a total nick.

mark: damn, that suck, im sure shes really hurt.
by noonnneee. August 20, 2009
Another word for fairy. A Nick likes to overreact to things, and tends to take jokes very poorly.
Damn... Nick needs to chill the fuck out, maybe smoke some weed or something...
by MikeOxlong6969 December 28, 2009
a jerk who think that every single girl in the fucking world is in love with him, when really, he's just a sweet talker. a person who takes advantage of other chicks to try and "mack" them, then completely avoids them forever more.
oh my god, don't pull a nick.

dude, this kid nick has a small wang.
by Vagg July 10, 2008