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Nice big douchebag
Is a super douchebag
Cant believe he's such a douchebag
Keeps being a douchebag
Man that tool is such a nick.
by nicka hata January 10, 2011
Short for Nickname.. Mostly used in computer language..
Adam : where should I enter my Nick?

Shana: Just in the box..
by seesa October 06, 2009
nick:(noun)a common typo that people make while they really mean to type dick
SoMeInstAntMessEnGer3957: omg i luv u nick!!!
nick: aww shucks
nick: thanks
nick: i love you too
SoMeInstAntMessEnGer3957: oh oops sorry
SoMeInstAntMessEnGer3957: i meant to say
SoMeInstAntMessEnGer3957: i luv ur dick!!!
by iloveyounick January 18, 2009
1. Short for "Nickel" as in an amount of a commodity such as weed.
2. A small person that likes to lally their soto and coleman their mother's face at bed.
3. The action to steal.
I wanted to nick that bike so bad...
by Emu Shaketyshake March 09, 2009
A man who lives in other peoples house's.He randomly shows up when you least expect him.
Kid:I just went to the shitter and when i came out nick was on the computer.
Lenny:Pfft such a nick thing to do
by james henrys August 24, 2008
1) (noun) a meaningless "relationship" lasting anywhere from an hour to a week or two

2) (verb) to have one of these relationships
1) "I pulled a nick and we broke up after three days"

2) "I nicked him"
by Carls Barkley March 29, 2007
1. (Verb) Stumbling and falling, especially slowly and over chairs or while talking on the phone.

2. (Noun) Someone who stumbles or falls in public.
1. "Dude, Mandy just nicked over the stairs!"

2. "Don't be a nick, be careful not to fall."
by That Guy with the Typewriter October 05, 2009