When someone gets a girlfriend and becomes a complete bitch.
Damn, ever since that guy got a girlfriend he has become such a Nick
by The Truthful Truth March 09, 2015
To bullshit under the false pretense that it will make you cool/ make people like you
Dont nick your way through life, it's obvious.
by Bull calculators can't compute October 26, 2014
A boy who likes to mess with a girls emotions, he will lead them on for a while, hoping it will attract other girls knowing that that one girl is interested, yet all of a sudden he will drop the girl like the douchebag asshole that he is
He is a nick.
by themackattack October 26, 2014
(verb) To steal
Someone nicked my mobile phone at the party last night.
by TeacherGio October 28, 2013
A tall, lanky, slender boy with a surprisingly large penis. He likes to hang out in dark offices with old men and be their journalism man-slave. He also likes to role-play detectives and pelvic thrust, sometimes doing both at once. A big fan of liberalism, jacks off to Obama. You can spot Nicks in their natural habitat - country clubs and other spots frequented by old white people. Likes to be called "Le Tigre" or some other variation in bed. Enjoys backbenders given by temptresses. He gets with lots of women but always wines and dines them beforehand, usually at a pizza place.
I had sex with Nick last week and I can barely walk.
by letigre269 November 30, 2011
A male name generally given to someone with average looks, average intelligence, and average athlete, but he has an extraordinary creative side.
"Nick stop producing music and do your homework!"
by Phillip cobra September 16, 2014
A big guy with a BIG love for video games. Nick specializes in GTA 5. Nick also enjoys the occasional paint here and there.
"Hey guys where is Nick today???"
"Probably painting"
by FisherWallace July 24, 2014
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