The coolest guy you will ever meet. One who is very good with the ladies. Has a bigger penis then Xander.
"Wow did you see how awesome that guy is?

"Must've been a Nick."
#nice #dick #nicholas #dickolas #hot
by Dicholas777 November 03, 2013
A hot, tall hockey player with sexy hair and is really conceted.
"Oh, I don't wanna go swimming it will ruin my hair." Nick said.
#hot #annoying #tall #sporty #hair
by Sir Creeps-A-Lot January 01, 2012
A guy who is whipped by his girl and can't do anything without her permission.
Dude don't be nicked
#nick #whipped #no life #sad #what
by Dirkadirkadirka January 28, 2014
The biggest idiot ever to walk the earth. Sucks at everything he does and should have a reality check.
He is being such a nick today.
#dumb #stupid #idiot #faggot #a hole
by mgoblue17 December 17, 2013
He's a former ginger dude thats a secret agent and has small lips. he has a thing for yorkeys and kitkats. likes to sit on half naked woman and eat tins of beans because he's working class and smokes weed in a vest and dress. he does the cha cha and dances like a girl for some reason maybe because he's high. he supports man city and has a tatoo of a hot air baloon and a blimp on both arms.
Guy 1: is it a blimp is it a hot air baloon

Guy 2: NO THATS A NICK!!!!!!!
#blood #nick #man city #beans #agent
by flea market October 12, 2011
british slang for stealing.
Man, some prick broke into my house and nicked my Telly
#nick #nicked #steal #british slang #brit
by Xeras January 30, 2011
A child who has been spoiled all of his life and when he doesn't get his way. He destroys everything.
Friend 1: Wow dude you're being a real Nick right now.

Friend 2: Fine I will tell everyone that you like dick.
#nick #spoiled #brat #friend #someone
by weedman1337 August 24, 2014
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