Probably the biggest asshole you'll ever meet. He will consecutively feel up and make out with any girl he can get his hands on. No one should ever associate with or date him. He will stick his hands and/or face up your shirt, down your pants, and in any crevice he can find. Seems to think that second base comes before first. Generally, he will touch a girl's boobs, make out with her about a week later, stop associating with her once she refuses to touch his dick, and then move on to another girl, although he was probably already making out with her before he stopped associating with the previous girl. He is a disgrace to all mankind and never thinks he's the problem when anyone is mad at him.
Girl 1: Wait, when did you make out with Nick?

Girl 2: We kissed on February sixth and started making out on valentine's day.

Girl 1: He touched my boobs on February seventh!
by MingMing March 05, 2013
A man who is so stupid they are called nick.
*stands in fire*
*healer is using healbot only*
by Nick696969 October 07, 2011
A bucktoothed, short, pignosed, chubby, douchbag. He has blonde scraggly hair most of the time. Yet for some reason he ussually has the most beautiful blue eyes in the world! He is an ass who will pretend not to like you to "test" you. Then when you make out with someone else, otherwise called "moving on" he gets pissed as hell. Ussually he has anger management and adha. If you dont know what this means, it means that he is a freaking phycopath who will cut you if he forgets his meds. No joke. He likes to cuddle at the movies and scare the living shit out of you making you pee your pants. Then he will laugh. This means that you will never go to a scary movie with him again. Ever. He will never talk to you in fron of his friends because, supposedly, he is too much of a "baller" to care. Truthfully he is just a pussy ass white boy who has no swag. Just Saying Watch out for them Nicks. (He may have good taste in music and sing to you, but will not do it well. He may also look up the videos to see titties because he is a sick ass pervert.) He has a small dick to none. Just saying.

This does not apply to all Nicks. No gureentee.
Girl: Uhgg who is that sicko that keeps staring at my tits?
Other Girl: UH OH!! That looks like a Nick . . . RUN!!
by sexybeast1&2 April 13, 2012
a total VAGINA with a small penis.
That guy is a total nick s
by sgm guy September 17, 2011
1. someone who is fucked up, good for nothing and a disgrace to the people known as man.
2. To nicks is to eat orange while having a heavy make up on the fugly shitty face.
e.g. 1: hey guys, look! here comes the unwanted nicks.
e.g. 2: everybody in the campus knows that Sohai's favourite past time is to nicks with that group of sluts
by orange77 May 13, 2008
Fucks Jordan Hamblets mother (Tracey) and his sister (Jess). Let me tell you abit about Jordan Hamblet. He is a 17 year old boy with the face of a 9 year old. he lives at home with his mum and dad, who finger him constantly as he is a BAD, BAD boy!! He also has a job in mc donalds which he loves dearly and is going to be working there all his life because he has no basic life skills! He goes on the sun bed everyday and looks ridiculous.
by fgnhdf March 13, 2012
An extremely gay douchebag who thinks he is better than everybody else. He also walks like he has a stick stuck up his ass.
Omg look at Nick ew.
by Ghannnnnn January 07, 2012

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