An extremely gay douchebag who thinks he is better than everybody else. He also walks like he has a stick stuck up his ass.
Omg look at Nick ew.
by Ghannnnnn January 07, 2012
An asshole, doesn't care about anyone's feelings. All he wants to do is smoke weed and party. Really, a waste of time of guy.
"That guy broke her heart, cheated on her 6 times.."
"Obviously, his name is Nick."
by barbiex0 August 15, 2011
A guy who leads you on, and then you find out on your own that he has a girlfriend! But he stills has the balls to talk to you. Also he treats you like a queen then a piece of trash!!!!!! Don't fall for a NICK. Worst mistake in your LIFE!!!(:

Ohh, and he has a nice penis(;

Fuck you nick, Your welcome.
Nick: 'Hey sweetie, i miss you'

Girl: 'i do too.<3'
by PuttaRukka. August 27, 2011
The apple of Eve's eye!
Nick: "Good night honey"
Eve: "Good night..i love you"
Eve to a friend: "isn't he such a NICK??"
by OOGABOOGA Numba Wumba twoa boa October 08, 2008
a italian guy with a really small penis
girl 1: i hooked up with this guy, but he had such a small penis
girl 2: he must have been a nick
girl 1: how did you know!?!
by hahaha0192 October 29, 2011
A lover of khaki and star wars t-shirts. Can be bitter about the opposite sex due to his receding hairline and miniature stature.
If that Nick just chilled out a bit, he'd get more women!!

Hey, do you know where I can get some khaki??

Yeah, you can't go wrong with Nick
by Khaki Master August 31, 2011
A boy who wears cut offs and v-necks. A boy who likes to break girls hearts. Someone who is cute but a player. He likes to cheat on girls. He likes to lead girls on then have sex with them, then boom he breaks their hearts.
Omg its Nick, he is totally rocking breaking girls hearts.

Dude I love Nick the manwhore.
by jdwiehops July 07, 2011

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