Comedian who may brings joy to all who hear him, likes to use the word Party
"I literally pissed my pants laughing listening to the comedy of Nick Swardson."
by Phat$tax99 April 03, 2010
Top Definition
An amazing comedian. Plays Terry the rollerskating gay on Reno 911!, Hector the Stalker in Blades of Glory, and my personal fav...Jeff in Grandma's Boy! Also has made appearances in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, Benchwarmers, Zohan, etc.
Alex: Dude, your bed is a car...
Jeff: Yeah, but it's a f-cking sweet car.

Deputy Clementine: Terry you are an atention whore.
Terry: What does that mean

Me: Hey I can't wait to see Nick Swardson live!

by ShellBell12484 January 28, 2009
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