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A traitor to men. The d-bag who wrote "The Notebook" and "A Walk to Remember."
Because of that bastard Nicholas Sparks, whenever I watch a movie with my girl, it has to be "The Notebook."
an adjective used to describe a sappy, predictable movie.
Person 1: "How was the movie last night?"

Person 2: "It was your typical Nicholas Sparks storyline."
by saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar April 02, 2010
The author of The Notebook(October, 1996), Message In A Bottle(April, 1998), A Walk To Remember(October 1999), The Rescue(September 2000), A Bend In The Road(September 2001), Nights In Rodanthe(September 2002), The Guardian(April 2003), The Wedding(September 2003), Three Weeks With My Brother(April 2004), True Believer(April 2005), At First Sight(October 2005), Dear John(October 2006), and The Choice(September 2007)
I just finished reading a Nicholas Sparks book and cried my heart out
by jennbear1852 August 18, 2007
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