1)Native American word meaning "sweet" as in "Niche moose", sweetheart.
2)Derogitory term meaning little native bastard.
Here niche niche niche.
by Wateena December 19, 2003
A slang word used for speed garage/funky house kind of music, originally from the "niche allniter" nightclub in Sheffield, uk
Man pump up dat niche it's BAAAAAAAAAAADDDD
by Nichey-girl November 06, 2004
a quiche made with egg noodles
That was a delicious niche you made me.
by nuffink October 03, 2003
The word Niche is used at Murrieta Valley High School to be very mean. Karissa Nash hates it..
Nichy bum!
by Korihor April 22, 2004
slang for dance, mixes, trance etc originally fom niche allnighter club in sheffield uk (pronounced neesh)

wigan pier
' yo yo get that niche cranked up'
' put a niche cd on'
' lets go buy listen to sum niche'
by xxwhiteyxx April 23, 2006
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