Extremely good.
P1: 1 (4n 5p34k 1n 1337!
P2: Niceties!
by Lance November 05, 2003
Top Definition
A conflicting situation when something is both nasty and nice at the same time.
"Man, I was so hungry, I ate an entire pizza from Rosa's drenched in that bottom shelf Ranch Dressing from the corner store. It was damn near the nicetiest thing I've done in a long while.

"I had a menage a trois with two teenage runaway hookers who were addicted to heroin. It was beyond nicety. It was the best sex I've ever had...I should probably go get tested though."
by The Baltimore Chewy Mack November 24, 2007
Nice and Nasty Person
Some People say I'm Nice

Some People Say I'm Nasty

Just Call me Nicety
by DJ G-SPOT April 21, 2015
A nice and nasty relationship.
"Eli and Jesse's relationship is <i>nicety</i>."
by eli 76 July 03, 2006
An adjective describing a girl who has an awesome body, but a jacked up face. (nice + nasty)
Damn, this bitch is nicety as hell. Oh well, I ain't about to go home alone...
by Ovid January 12, 2008
Something or someone extemely tight. A combination of the words nice and nasty.
Them new J's is nicety my nig.
by Logan February 10, 2004
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