A Black Sabbath song from their first album. The Abbreviation is often misinterpreted as "Nativity In Black," but instead was simply what the band called their guitarist's goatee at the time.
N.I.B is one of my favorite Black Sabbath songs.
by Puggenton January 10, 2011
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A British slang term used, jokingly, to refer to someone who is a bit full of themself, snobbish, and/or aristocratic. Who, basically, has an over-large ego.
The origin of the term is unknown for certain.
"Is his nibs over there too good to eat with us?"
by Jessycle November 06, 2005
"Newly Initiated Brother." Used by Fraternities to describe pledges who have recently been initiated
That guy over there is one of our NIBs.
by greekgod May 15, 2006
the inked writing point of a marker or pen.
I was tagging this electrical box at the intersection with a fat drippy marker when the nib fell out and landed in the dirt.
by mcnewbie September 11, 2009
A Black Sabbath song. Contrary to common belief, "N.I.B." doesn't stand for "Nativity In Black," in fact, it doesn't stand for anything. Drummer Bill Ward had a beard that singer Ozzy Osbourne said looked like a pen nib. The band named the song after the nib and added initials so the name would be more mysterious. There are two Black Sabbath tribute albums named Nativity in Black, based on the faux acronym.
NIB lyrics
Your love for me has just got to be real
by A. Presston May 21, 2006
The act of licking one's knuckle, punching a man on a ladder's taint with the wet knuckle, and then flicking his balls and inserting a pinky into his anus. Usually performed by one man on another.
Oh my god, I totally want to Nibs that guy on that ladder.
by WhyLG August 13, 2010
Nuts in Butt, NIB it being the act of putting your nuts into a butt.
"I'm gonna NIB that fat chick"

"Yeah, NIB it!"
by Anthony kjgh September 20, 2007

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