A small object used in everyday life.
Yo, look at that cute little niblet in your hair.
by Cansz0r April 28, 2009
That little crooked piece of metal at the end of a tape measure
as coined by Bernie Meisinger
Hey. Put that niblet up against the wall so I can get a measurement.
by Trinity & circusfreak November 15, 2006
pieces of undigested corn found in your feces.
damn, i should have chewed my corn better, look at all dem niblets.
by nate February 19, 2004
A tiny piece of feces that becomes attached to hair in the anul region due to improper wiping technique. Very common amongst those with conditions known as "black hole ass"
Did you see that dude in the shower? He had niblets hanging out his ass bro!
by yonyonson July 27, 2006
A certain female one or two years younger than yourself, so that you can legitimetly say "I'd tap that." without feeling awkward. by definition, a niblet would be small in the chest region, but it is not necessary.
The start of the school year brought many new niblets for me to hit on.
by jethro330 December 11, 2005
Minnesotan slang for the testicles.
"Ya, I kicked Sven right in da niblets."

"In da niblets, eh Lars?"

"Ya, right in da niblets!"
by NorthWolf | moonwolfstudio.com March 09, 2005
The western side of the genitalius.
Can only be seen under a naked moon.
'WOW'said bob,"I can see your niblets".

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