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Niall Quinn is now the chairman of Sunderland; he is also a former player who had the best years of his playing days. He is regarded as a legend in the North East of England and seen as a god in Sunderland, being almost a messiah saving the club from its troubles.
"All hail the mighty Niall"

"Niall Quinn’s disco pants are the best, they go up from his arse to his chest, they are better than Adam and the ants, NIALL QUINNS DISCO PANTS!!!!” this is a song sung by Sunderland fans about Niall Quinn, which was also released selling thousands of copies!

Niall if you read this I think I speak for all connected with Sunderland when I say we love you and you will always have a special place in our hearts!
by Steffan White October 01, 2006
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