The adorable, beautiful, funny, sweet, nice, hot, sexy , cute, perfect, irish ,blonde member of the best band in the world , One Direction. If he is talking to you for a few minuets, you will never want him to stop . When he got braces, a lot of people were like " OMG WHO IS HE HE IS SO UGLY HE SHOULD NOT BE IN ONE DIRECTION !" and now those people are like 'OMG IKR I LOVE NIALL HE IS SO HOT AFTER HE GOT THOSE BRACES OFF!" Like seriously? Niall James Horan has always been a gorgeous person with an awesome personality ever since he was born on September 13, 1993! He has the most beautiful blue eyes in the whole world. He can play guitar and when he plays , it's phenomeNIALL . He is an amazing person.
Perfection = Niall Horan
by NiallsPrincess July 10, 2012
Niall Horan is the only Irish member of the United Kingdom based teen sensation band "One Direction." He is so sexy and adorable that when i saw him, I died, but came back to life. If you think he doesn't fit 1D, your a fucked up person.
Niall Horan
by Izzy_Iz_Pie April 01, 2013
The craic who is in the boyband One Direction. He is hot and the only irish member in the band. Call him yours and you're dead. Give him hate and you'll be a dead bitch. Sucks to be anyone that isn't Niall. (There are exceptions for the rest of One Direction) He is my mofo niggas.
Niall Horan: Weyhey what's the password?

Paul: Sigh Niall is the craic daddy of all the craic daddies there ever were weyhey.

Niall Horan: Come on in fellow mofo
by Ari is amazayn December 31, 2013

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