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A tribe of Maori and honorary Moari people that live in New Zealand, whom are governed by The Maori Jesus, his 4 wives and The Ice Queen.
Holy crap its the Ngati Pakeha
by the ice queen March 03, 2005
Tribal name adopted by white New Zealanders who were born in New Zealand, and/or have been there for so many generations that they rightly define themselves as New Zealand Natives. The name is a play on Maori tribal nomenclature which uses “ngai” (from Maori’s original Chinese/Vietnamese roots) or “ngati” (possibly a transliterated derivation from old Phoenician) as a tribal prefix, as in Ngati Porou, Ngai Tahu, Ngati Fishnchips, etc. The name Ngati Pakeha incorporates the word ‘Pakeha’ which is a Maori name for white people.
Use of the name Ngati Pakeha serves as much as a political statement as it does a form of self-identification. It affirms to brown-skinned New Zealanders who have Maori heritage that white-skinned New Zealanders are native to New Zealand and that they are not going away.
Maori: “You white people don’t have any right to be here bro.”

White man: “I’m Ngati Pakeha, sunshine, and I’m as much a native as you.”
by Flash the Squirrel August 18, 2010
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