A really cool and sexy dude who is amazingly good at everything!
OMG i wish i was like nexx! His cool and sexy!
by Pete The Psi July 19, 2004
Top Definition
General a derogatory term, thrown around (usually lacking substance) to describe something that is random, easy to make fun of, or out of the norm.
Mucharliegao is such a nexx fob.
I was in an open chat room and some nexx horny kids asked my ASL.
by tsenaku July 10, 2008
Someone you don't know, random.
"John and I were playing football when some nexx kid comes up and asks if he could play too"
by MandyL November 12, 2007
A bitchass little attention whore who whines about everything and anything
by smileynev April 14, 2003
To hack, break into.
"Is your UT2003 nexxed?"
by PhWoaR March 19, 2003
A cross eyes nerdly maen
JaC is such a nexx!
by SiCo March 19, 2003
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