slang for newport (the cigarette)
Can I bum a newy?
by AyoAngela! October 20, 2008
Top Definition
Shorthand slang to describe the city of Newcastle, Australia. A term generally only used by locals of the region.
Lets go into newy for a skate
by Art Vandalay November 23, 2003
A slang term for newport cigarettes, which are menthol cigarettes and have fiber glass in them. They're the worst type of cigarette for you, so they make you feel bad ass when you smoke them. The most hard core cigarette out there.
Yo, I can i have one of your newies?
by Waif-like July 27, 2009
Something new and fricken exciting.
That word you just created is a newy
by JohnBaker1235 August 12, 2011

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