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High intensity -breaking- news that captivates the world and preempts all programming. Unlike most other news, it is recordable and rewatchable.
Osama bin Laden has been killed. CNN MSNBC and C-Span have interrupted their normal coverage to cover the event. My DVR says I'm recording "Unthinkable: The Alzheimer Epidemic", but I know better... I now have the largest newsporn stash on the east coast.
by major_delmac May 05, 2011
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News porn: Extensive news coverage of an unfortunate but essentially unimportant event purely for the purpose of titilating the audience and stimulating their purient desires.
Examples of news porn covered on Fox News on Sept 18, 2007:

1) Blurry video of an Iranian woman being stoned in public. Presumably show to tap into people's growing desire to bomb the heck out of another Middle Eastern country.

2) Video of a heckler at a political talk being tasered by campus security. The TV commentators were so stimulated by this that they couldn't even figure out why they were excited it.

3) Coverage of the latest OJ Simpson arrest. Nobody really knows what happened but apparently it is very easy to come up with dozens of people to express their opinions on it.
by Information Police September 19, 2007
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