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A clothing line derived from the word nuisance..Inspired by street art, skating and music. Website is Newsenseclothing.com.
Mark: Lets paint today!
Chad: Shoots!
Mark: After we paint lets check out this place..I heard a new stock of newsense shirts were made.
Chad: Shooooooooots! we can also buy caps. K dont forget your longboard..
Mark: Shooooooots!!^^
by Newspapers August 14, 2011
Sexual ghetto white chocolate
Yo!That nigga Newsense sure is down for a honkey
by sure April 29, 2003
Baltimore, Maryland's dopest Ghetto House DJ.
Yo! That fuckin' crazy ass cracka Newsense be rockin' da fuckin' house!
by Dick Slinga May 07, 2003
(n) a kick ass pop-punk band that is from Las Vegas. www.newsense.tk
"Man,Newsense is a rad band" said Bill
"Fuck no They Suck!" said Bob.
by MARC! October 15, 2003