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Located in Newport Beach, CA, Newport Harbor is one of the most highly regarded public schools in Orange County. While it is home to a more *cough* diverse *cough* crowd than its rival Corona del Mar, the kids who attend are typically worth just as much. Most students drive cars worth more than their teachers' yearly salaries with Range Rovers, Mercedes, BMWs, Audis, and Lexus. Family beneficiaries live in the most prestigious homes on Kings Road, the Balboa Penninsula and Lido Island, and in Dover Shores and Bay Shores. The school employs the best teachers and implements the most elite standards, such as the IB Program and its status as a California Distinguished Blue Ribbon School.

Plus, the campus is completely gorgeous. No one will fight me on that one.
At a Mater Dei, Newport Harbor, CdM mixer...

BOY: Hey, you're gorgeous. You must go to CdM.
GIRL: Actually, I go to Newport Harbor High School. Believe it or not, our student body is actually better looking. *wink*
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by nhhs2012 March 26, 2012
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