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A chain DVD/CD store, where you can never find what you're looking for. They are located in alot of Malls, and usually charge an arm and a leg for crap that's worth about 3 bucks on They tend to cater to the younger generation so most CD's and movies are "new" stupid tween crap. They also sell useless novelty items and used Movies/CD's that stop working after awhile. To sum it up perfectly, this place sucks.
Manny: Yo dudes, I went to Newbury Comics looking for several Metal albums, but all I saw was Justin Bieber shit, and a bunch of Crap!! Wtf is that all about?
Bruce: That store is a rip off. I was looking at Judas Priest albums there that costed 15 bucks!!! So I ordered it online and got it much cheaper.
Jake: Whatever ya'll do, don't buy there cheap used shit. I was watchin' a DVD last night that just stopped working.
by Metalhead83 August 28, 2011
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