A(nother) tropical island overrun by marsupials, tarantulas & people deluded enough to think Russel Crowe is something to be proud of.

Or was that the Australian? (I'm sure they're significantly different)

...Then again, LoTR had some hot malebeasts, and I'm quiet now.
...Or was this a sample of satirical mockery from Australia to New Zealand? It isn't nice to play the America of the southern hempisphere.

Really can't cope with the Russell Crowe thing.
by whatever. Me. October 04, 2006
1. its the place where the rugby Gods were born
2. its a place where the moari race live
3. too many sheep
4. lord of the rings were filmed here
new zealand is where the rugby Gods were born
by Corey369 July 30, 2006
A beautiful country in the South Pacific. New Zealand is NOT the sheep shagging capital of the world, any prat who writes that, should do themselves a favour and LEARN what they are writing about. Roughly 80% of the people are honest, easy-going, relaxed, tolerant, and so on. The other 20% aren't worth worrying about are they? By all means check it out. You'll be glad you did.
New Zealand is one of the most diverse countries in the world.
by God I love this planet March 03, 2006
A nice country, made up of two main islands (the North, and South island, unoriginal, I know). It is a very green place, and yes, it has alot of sheep.

As far as I can see, it is not as beautiful as it is made out to be, but since I live in New Zealand, I am used to it, and don't know much better.

It does have beautiful forests, but the countryside is mostly farm areas.

It has the highest rate of youth suicide in the world.

On the plus side, Wellington (the capital city) has one of the largest number of restaurants per head in the world!

We do not actually hate Aussies, some people sometimes mock Aussies, in one way or another, but hardly any of them are serious.

I have yet to meet an incredibly racist person living in New Zealand.

Well, if you aren't very used to alot of green, then New Zealand is definately for you, and by the way, in the 80's we were incredibly backward, but now I'd say we are fine.

Oh, and if you are going to go to New Zealand, make sure you go in the summer, it can get quite wet and rainy in the winter (and incredibly windy if you go to Wellington) (for all you people in the US, your winter = our summer).

Places I reccomend:

I'd suggest you go to Auckland (the largest city in New Zealand), but not for too long as you run out of things to do very quickly.

Martinborough, in February, or March, so you can catch the Martinborough fair, which is quite nice, and you can also check out the vineyards if you have a taste for wine.

Taupo (halfway up the North Island), as it has a very nice active volcanic lake, which gets very warm.

Wellington (capital city), as you can see Parliament (what with its Beehive building (which although original,I fell is very ugly)), and the museum, which has a very nice history of New Zealand.

And in the South Island:

You should check out the Frans Josef glacier (but only if you haven't seen any glaciers before).

Queenstown, which is a great place for adventure sports, there are some quite nice skiing areas too (if you go in the winter).

Christchurch, which is also a big city in New Zealand, but not as big as most other big cities in other parts of the world.

You should also check out all the various nature walks, which are really beautiful, and are the best ways to experiance the nature in New Zealand first hand.

New Zealand would be a great place to move to for retirement, as it is quite laid back. New Zealand doesn't run much risk of terrorism, or nuclear war, as New Zealand is quite small and insignificant, and most people don't even know where it is.

As for living there, it's a great place for farming, if that's what you want to do.

The houses can be quite expensive, and I'd suggest you buy an old house, as some of the new ones can be quite small and ugly.

The TV is okay, you don't get the luxury of getting 100's of channels if you get cable, or sattelite, but you get enough, and anyway, in New Zealand you are far more likely to be out doing things instead of staying indoors, watching TV.

I would not suggest New Zealand for University.

The Primary and Secondrary schools are of a decent standard, not as strict as the schools in other parts of the world, unless you go to a private school, which is definately the way to go if you happen to have the money for it.

The New Zealand dollar is pretty weak vs other currencies, but it is rising, so things imported from other parts of the world can be quite expensive.

New Zealand is also becoming a very popular place to film movies, after the recent success of the Lord of the Rings (a bit over rated if you ask me, Peter Jacksons earlier films (the far more violent ones) are much better in my opinion).

So I would recomend it for a holiday only for those who really appreciate nature in all its glory, as it is hard to find places in the world as green as New Zealand.
Non New Zealander tourist: New Zealand looks like quite a nice country, I think I may go there some time.
New Zealander: Sure, it's quite a nice place, maybe you should do that.
Non New Zealander tourist: Okay....I will then.
by Ian Lambie March 02, 2006
we dont hate aussies just sumtimes they really piss ya off and wots more they often whinge about us and thatll start about a weeks worth of trans-tasman annoyance.i do like aussies because they have a millitary contract called the canbberra pact that declares that if one of us shall do battle the other will step in to help us victory,and i think thats fuken great.
the annoy us:not voting 4 new zealand to host the 2011 rugby world cup,we still one but its the thought that counts.
by daryl999 November 26, 2005
A beautiful country in the South Pacific next to Australia. There are some Australians who think NZ is a load of shit and lay lots of crap on NZ becasue they don't know what it's really like. I hope all Aussies aren't like that, as in all honesty NZ is pretty damn good.
Aussie: "NZ sucks"
2nd Aussie: "Oath!"
1st Aussie: "No there's lots of Aussies who think NZ sucks big time."
by Billy March 19, 2005
A pretty cool country, I don't see why Australians diss New Zealander and why New Zealanders diss Australians. I'm Australian and our countrys are so close can't we just get along? p.s. New Zealander's don't fuck sheep and Tasmainian's (state in Australia) aren't inbred who ever say this can go fuck themselves.
just like anonymous said before me ANZACs FOR LIFE
by FTSI February 15, 2005

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