A place not to far from Australia.
It has 3 Islands and is mistaken to be in Europe quite alot.

Where the Maori came from.

Where Fish'n'Chips, Pavlova, Buzzy Bee, Jandals and L&P comes from =]

Aussies say we cant pronounce the letter 'I' We can so you fuckwits, we just have an accent. Cos to us, when you say 'six' It sounds like you say 'sex'
Aussie- "Hey bro! Look at me Im a maori all the way from New Zealand! Lets go get some fush and chups ow!"
Kiwi- "What the fuck mate? We dont talk like that..."

Aussie- "Sheep shagger!!!"
Kiwi- "Yeah, well when we're done we ship the lamb off to you kangaroo fuckers to eat"
by XXmacey96XX March 27, 2011
A beautiful country in the South Pacific a respected country that should not hate Australians and in turn Australians should not hate New Zealand our two nations are supposed to be allies, Ansett and underarm bowling be damned. They have fought on Australia's side. I for one am glad that some of the more childish definitions have been removed and we can start reading some proper stuff.
In conclusion many Aussies out there think NZ rocks. Trust me.

Australian New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) still does apply.
by Paul Ward October 22, 2006
A beautiful country in the South Pacific next to Australia. There are some Kiwis, who think New Zealand is a crock of shit, and lay lots of it on New Zealand because they don't know what the real world's really like. I hope all Kiwis aren't like that as in all honesty New Zealand is a fantastic country in most ways.
Q: Ever heard of what Mugabe does in Zimbabwe dumbarses?

A: He flattens people's houses down, houses of people who try to stand up to him.

Zimbabwe is now officially a third world country. New Zealand is regenerating.
by GodIlovethisplanet January 22, 2006
we dont hate aussies just sumtimes they really piss ya off and wots more they often whinge about us and thatll start about a weeks worth of trans-tasman annoyance.i do like aussies because they have a millitary contract called the canbberra pact that declares that if one of us shall do battle the other will step in to help us victory,and i think thats fuken great.
the annoy us:not voting 4 new zealand to host the 2011 rugby world cup,we still one but its the thought that counts.
by daryl999 November 26, 2005
A beautiful country in the South Pacific, approximately 2200kms South-east of the East coast of Australia. Population: 4 million (as of April 28th, 2003).

Advantages: Strong democracy under a proportional voting system; it's not Australia; moderate climate - neither too hot, nor too cold. Beautiful young women and handsome blokes in abundance: healthy indoors / outdoors lifestyle year-round.

Disadvantages: Only 2200kms from Australia.
You can't go to heaven until you've checked out New Zealand first.
by Steve May 07, 2003
No one on here is saying Australians are gay, the fact is some Australians (and people in every other country) are arseholes. New Zealand was actually a colony of Britain not Australia, but with Australia as the big brother it administered New Zealand for a bit. And no it was not a Fourth of July style breakaway. Come Waitangi, New Zealand became a seperate colony. That happened in 1840. And while the two nations are a lot like each other, there are a number of subtle differences, however, this should not stop them from getting on.
Oz and New Zealand will never stop taking the piss out of each other, but when required, the two of them can knuckle down and get on with each other. That is why both of them are so effective as individual nations.
by Paul Ward April 28, 2007
Ahem, I do believe that New Zealand is growing up and a very very worthy friend to Australia and always has been and therefore is worthy of respect. My version goes like this. A few people in New Zealand do tend to be juvenile towards Australia, however, some Australians tend to respond to that (or start it) by being arrogant. That aside, New Zealand has provided a great deal of assistance to Australia with regards to East Timor, Solomon Islands, etc. and therefore, neither patronising attitudes, nor a chip on the shoulder will not help. It has taken time, but New Zealand is growing up, hopefully encouraged to do so by many Australians, instead of being thought of as a child.
Australian 1: Instead of wanting to be isolationist and juvenile, New Zealand is growing up.

Australian 2: Come again?

Australian 1: East Timor, Solomon Islands, it was just that lack of confidence that held them back.

Australian 2: Oh right, well that's good to hear, I was wondering when NZ would grow the fuck up.
by Paul Ward August 08, 2006

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