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New Zealand, contary to beliefs that we are good people, we commit war crimes too.
In 1914, (New Zealand) annexed German Samoa, jumping at the chance to be Imperialists. We then blockaded it while 'flu was prevalent, killing many inhabitants.
by Hachi-Control September 06, 2008
86 74
Known to the world as Australias bitch
Hey I am going on a holiday
Were to?
new Zealand
oh yea mean Australias bitch
Yes I do
by Meerkat April 26, 2008
78 69
two islands, chilling out down south, above the antarctic, and with many things that quite frankly we hogged from other countries.
new zealand: fish and chips, government, tvs, all comms for that matter, medicines, architecture, BUT, we did infact invent jandles. Don't laugh.
They're cool.
by maggiesylvia October 03, 2006
78 75
the ugly more adventurous cousin of Australia.
wanna go to "New Zealand"?

No. i want to go to Australia.
by Snapestar June 12, 2009
52 57
A small country 2200km from Australia, it is made up of two relitvaly large islands that are split by a narrow channel. The inhabitants of this island seem to have a deep seated hatred for Australians (C'mon Kiwis, we all ANZAC's here, craka please.), possibly because Australia seems to have claimed Russel crowe as their own.
I don't think all New zealanders shag sheep or say Fush and chups, but watch me quickly pull out these things when we verse em' at footy.
by Aussie April 09, 2005
159 170
A girl who is far too sexy to be picked up without a foreign accent. In this case a New Zealand (or Austrailian) accent is required. Once the bomb is dropped she proceeds to allow the accent sporting gentleman to do anything they want to her, including fingering her to orgasm on the dancefloor.
"yo, sean, i got this crazy ass story for you...." (story preceeds to descibe New Zealand)
by Ben Galbraith January 08, 2006
70 110
coming from a true new zealander.. you know you love beastiality.
sheep aren't even a big part of new zealand.. and i don't know why people thnk so.
new zealand's all about the relaxed lifestyle with the beautiful mountains, beaches, lakes, country and cities all together really close by...

like a taste of all countries together..

and its so not cold.. i am SO BOILING RIGHT NOW.
let's go move to new zealand.
by KIWIHOTFUCKINCHICK January 11, 2009
34 89