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A land of beauty in the South Pacific. New Zealand is without an army but it does not need one for they are not pissing off everyone with their arrogance. It's people are generally more laid back than Aussies although they are pretty laid back also most of the time. One more thing New Zealand is still to get over it's cultural cringe which is causing this "hatred" towards Australians.
New Zealand is still beautiful.
by flightguy May 02, 2005
Kia ora (hello)
Name: New Zealand or Aotearoa.
Population: 4 million
Capital: Wellington
Currency: NZD or New Zealand Dollar
Official Languages: English and Maori
Ethnic Makeup: European-77%, Maori-12%, Pacific Islanders-5%, Other-6%

The Maori imigrated from Polynesia about 1200 years ago.

The most beautiful, safe country in the world who have a neat national anthem and an excellent rugby team commonly known as the ALL BLACKS. It is a misconception that we 'hate' Aussies. We do not hate Aussies nor do they hate Kiwis. We are neighbours. Aussies are the familliar to us in our little country separated from the rest of the world. ;)

New Zealand happy things include, stubbies (short shorts), jandals, bbq's, rugby, beaches, buzzy bee toys!, pavalova, icecreams, L&P (yum), No.8 Wire, and pineapple lumps.

Most New Zealanders are friendly laid back folk who live for summer. And hey..we don't have accents, you do. ;)

"love thy neighbour"

"Kia ora, tamariki ma"-phrase most of us learn in primary school meaning "goodmorning children"

I liked this quote that I found on someone elses definition "With all the shit going on in the world today, sometimes I just wanna go live in New Zealand"

You got it!
by LydiaKat September 30, 2007
A beautiful country in the South Pacific a respected country that should not hate Australians and in turn Australians should not hate New Zealand our two nations are supposed to be allies, Ansett and underarm bowling be damned. They have fought on Australia's side. I for one am glad that some of the more childish definitions have been removed and we can start reading some proper stuff.
In conclusion many Aussies out there think NZ rocks. Trust me.

Australian New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) still does apply.
by Paul Ward October 22, 2006
A beautiful country in the South Pacific next to Australia. There are some Australians who think NZ is a load of shit and lay lots of crap on NZ becasue they don't know what it's really like. I hope all Aussies aren't like that, as in all honesty NZ is pretty damn good.
Aussie: "NZ sucks"
2nd Aussie: "Oath!"
1st Aussie: "No there's lots of Aussies who think NZ sucks big time."
by Billy March 19, 2005
No one on here is saying Australians are gay, the fact is some Australians (and people in every other country) are arseholes. New Zealand was actually a colony of Britain not Australia, but with Australia as the big brother it administered New Zealand for a bit. And no it was not a Fourth of July style breakaway. Come Waitangi, New Zealand became a seperate colony. That happened in 1840. And while the two nations are a lot like each other, there are a number of subtle differences, however, this should not stop them from getting on.
Oz and New Zealand will never stop taking the piss out of each other, but when required, the two of them can knuckle down and get on with each other. That is why both of them are so effective as individual nations.
by Paul Ward April 28, 2007
Why is Australia being mentioned with so many New Zealand definitions? because many a farmer in New Zealand are jealous of Australias riches, but if they would only look up.. to Auckland or Wellington, they would see that we are rich too. And for the uknowledgables who think we live in Teepees.. we dont, we actually are home to the tallest tower in the Southern Hempisphere AND here in Auckland we're not treehugging green peace hippies we're just like anyone in a metropolis RUDE AND OBNOXIOUS and proud.. legit.
stay cool NZ, peace out
Stupid unknowledgable farmboy: "haha you're from New Zealand you live in Teepees"
Kiwi(term for a NZer): "actually you stupid unknowledgable, how the fuck would we use the internet if we lived in teepees, get a haircut farmboy"
by anna loves modest mouse August 29, 2005
A naturally blessed country in the south seas next to Australia. There are some Australians who think NZ's not worth a pinch of shit, and lay lots of it on NZ because they don't know any better. I hope there are only a minority of Australians who feel like this, as in all honesty NZ is pretty damn awesome. Also, many Kiwis tend to hate Australia because they think Australians dislike NZ. Hopefully it isn't too widespread.
Aussie 1: New Zealand's not worth a pinch of shit!

Aussie 2: Oath

Aussie 1: No there's lots of Aussies who think that.
by Paul Ward December 12, 2006
1. its the place where the rugby Gods were born
2. its a place where the moari race live
3. too many sheep
4. lord of the rings were filmed here
new zealand is where the rugby Gods were born
by Corey369 July 30, 2006