A land of beauty in the South Pacific. New Zealand is without an army but it does not need one for they are not pissing off everyone with their arrogance. It's people are generally more laid back than Aussies although they are pretty laid back also most of the time. One more thing New Zealand is still to get over it's cultural cringe which is causing this "hatred" towards Australians.
New Zealand is still beautiful.
by flightguy May 02, 2005
a country with a beautiful countryside, and lots of cheap stuff to buy but of great quality. Unfortunately, much like the villages in the South-East of England. In other words, full of racist pricks. We hitch-hiked across the country and found two racist people for every nice person.
<woman who was the first person to talk to us when we got to new zealand>: you had better watch out of the brown people.
#english #hitch-hiking #cheap #racist #countryside
by RobMaaan November 25, 2005
New Zealand, right next door to Australia.

100% New Zealand, 100% Natural Resources, 100% Pure Energy Supplies, 0% Air Force, 0% Infantry, 0% Navy.
100% There for the taking. 100% Too Easy. 100% Ours!
- The Gruen Transfer.

Side note.
Bloody New Zealand, think you're so great because you've got one fat director! I'm sick of reading definitions that don't pay you Kiwi bastards the utter lack of respect you deserve. What's with the definition of no Australian's hating NZ? I hate them so much. One good thing besides being part of ANZAC... creating trench warfare. That's it.
1. Australian Gov: Yeah that's a great idea Sean, New Zealand's a great place.. to put all our dickheads.

2. Australian Gov: C'mon, let's invade before the American do.
#new zeland #nz #bugger #bloody #kiwis
by JoeBlack47 September 02, 2009
a small hole of an island lying of Australia. Infested with sheep and other vermin.
New Zealand is a perfect sight for Atomic Weapons testing
#hole #dump #nz #kiwi #all blacks
by aussyboy November 13, 2009
A small country off the East Coast of Australia.
Aussie 1: Mate, wanna go to New Zealand with a couple other blokes?
Aussie 2: Where's that?
#new zealand #australia #east coast #new #zealand
by sape September 17, 2006
A place where you will find many sheep and no black people
tourist: where are the black people?
New Zealand: theres no such thing
#new zealand #sheep #wool #meat #european
by Can'tHelpYourself December 06, 2006
A place where absolutely nothing happens. The most boring place in the world. Great to live in if your 70, retired and want a life of serenity and sheep, but not if your a youth looking for excitement. Seriously don't come to New Zealand if you want to have fun!
Tourist: "I spend two weeks in New Zealand."
Friend: "Oh yeah? What'd you do there? Any crazy stories?"
Tourist: "Well the most exciting thing that happened was this one cow looked at me as I got close. The others didn't you see..."
Friend: "Dude...That is the lamest story ever"
#new zealand #boring #new #zealand #tourist
by Icyrox January 18, 2009
A useless country which the natives (Maoris) believed they "fished up". Well known to get down and dirty with its sheep population.
New Zealand History (Maori POV): Aw bro, did ya know that we fished up da North Island? It was sweet as cuz...
#maori #sheep #native #dirty #useless
by Myswordpl0xsu November 06, 2009
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