a team made up of homosexual members. each has his own vital role. a-rod is there so jeter has an a-rod to suck, while bernie williams plays his trumpet in a homo band and bangs torre who is steinbrenner's bitch. this team has almost completely ruined baseball until they lost to the red sox in 2004 after being up 3-0. they are a disgrace to everything that is good in baseball.
Bernie: Hey Jeter, do you wanna come finish off torre for me, i gotta gig to play.

Jeter: No problem, id be glad to give him a hand.
by P.I.M.P March 10, 2005
more simply known as YANKEES
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
sox fans...allu you hafta say is this...hey how bout them Jets/giants?

go pats
Jorge Posada is a little bitch.
by Johnny O August 24, 2004

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