Overpaid bitches that can only win with an all-star caliber player at almost every position. Have been known to take steroids (A-Roid, Giambi, Sheffield, etc) and find other ways to cheat (A-Roid slapping the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's hand). They have also been known to choke massively (2004). Since there is no salary cap in baseball, they can just reach into their pockets and buy all the best players (Teixeira, Burnett, Sabathia, etc). The fans are what make me hate this team even more. They are cocky and obnoxious whose only comeback is "How many World Series have we won?" The majority of them were in the 1930-40s. They have been known to call the Boston Red Sox as the Red Sux and the Roid Sox (creative).

So basically, the New York Yankees are the scum of Major League Baseball.
Person 1: "Did you hear that the New York Yankees just bought the entire Florida Marlins roster, but released about half of the players, despite them having the entire all-star roster on their team?"

Person 2: "No, but it doesn't surprise me. Fuck the Yankees."
by zuawg August 21, 2009
The worst team ever in Major League Baseball, they suck and they buy anything they want, and they still suck.
Red Sox all the way you Yankee loving muthafuckas.
by some polak September 17, 2004
The team of the decade for the 2000s. Ya, thats right.
Here is why..

Playoff Appearances:

New York Yankees - 9
Red Sox - 6

Division titles:

New York Yankees - 8
Red Sox - 1

League Championships:

New York Yankees - 4
Red Sox - 2


New York Yankees - 965-653 (.596 W%)
Red Sox - 920-699 (.568 W%)

As you can see, its really not even close.
by CommonNYsense November 12, 2009
1) A possessive indicating that the noun following it in the sentence is property of a New York Yankee.

2) A contraction of either "New York Yankee IS" or "New York Yankee HAS."

3) The way idiots spell the plural of "New York Yankee." You NEVER, EVER put an apostrophe in a plural. EVER. Illiterate morons.
1) "That New York Yankee's parents recently moved to Brooklyn."

- This is right.

2) "I think a New York Yankee's going to win MVP this year."


"Some New York Yankee's been visiting our neighbors a lot lately."

- These are both right, too.

3) "The New York Yankee's are playing the Met's tonight."

- No! This is WRONG! Where did you LEARN this?!? Stop doing it!
by AflacJack March 29, 2006
The best overall baseball team ever. If you had all that money you'd buy anything you want too so stfu mkay?
Most red sox fans are hyporites
by IDFC July 12, 2005
The shittyest most arrogant team in baseball.
New york Yankees lose to the Red Sox once again 6 to 2
by Shan-a-fer January 01, 2008
Have been known for winning the World Series 50% of the time. Always sucking up any good free agents, denying newer, less fortunate teams from having them, they are big-league hogs, and have a payroll more than double most teams, sometimes triple, yet in the start of the 2005 season, the sucked more balls then a 3 cent mexican prostatute. It amazes me how anyone can be a fan of the Yankess, I think it would be awfully boring watching the Yankee's when you know they have the biggest advantage in baseball.

Yankee's don't do baseball anymore, they do bussiness.
Poser: "Dude the Yankee's are a team of legends, they're so much better than everyone else."

Me: "Yeah, they can't even keep up with the Red Sox in their division. Even though they have 60 million dollars more in payroll."
by Rice Hater July 29, 2005
A baseball team that is greatly over rated and always has the highest payroll each year. The Yankees also have the worst fans because they are all fags from New York, who have the worst accents of all the Places in the United States
"If I were liked the New York Yankees I would kill myself"
by LordofWar April 18, 2008

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