Overpaid bitches that can only win with an all-star caliber player at almost every position. Have been known to take steroids (A-Roid, Giambi, Sheffield, etc) and find other ways to cheat (A-Roid slapping the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's hand). They have also been known to choke massively (2004). Since there is no salary cap in baseball, they can just reach into their pockets and buy all the best players (Teixeira, Burnett, Sabathia, etc). The fans are what make me hate this team even more. They are cocky and obnoxious whose only comeback is "How many World Series have we won?" The majority of them were in the 1930-40s. They have been known to call the Boston Red Sox as the Red Sux and the Roid Sox (creative).

So basically, the New York Yankees are the scum of Major League Baseball.
Person 1: "Did you hear that the New York Yankees just bought the entire Florida Marlins roster, but released about half of the players, despite them having the entire all-star roster on their team?"

Person 2: "No, but it doesn't surprise me. Fuck the Yankees."
by zuawg August 21, 2009
A manifestation of everything wrong with sports... and life.
Major League Baseball should have two teams: the New York Yankees, and everyone else.
by Simon Says Go Fuck Yourself February 17, 2004
Hands Down, Greatest Team in Proffesional Sports. Best Fans, And obviously the best stadium. They have won 26 world championships since 1923. Rivaled to the Boston Red Sox, who spent 86 years thinking of comebacks to say how they are better than the Yankees. Red Sox fans usually put sour faces on when they are chanting "Yankees Suck", and Johnny Damon hits a triple.
Yankee Fan-"I'm a fan of the New York Yankees"
Red Sox Fan-" A-Rod and Jeter are gay!"
Yankee Fan-"Whatever makes you feel better about yourself."
by bobbaloo May 10, 2009
A Baseball team that people are Jealous of.
Those Damn New York Yankees one another world series.
by Baraconda February 19, 2007
1.The best baseball team in the history of baseball. Best players, best managers, best owners, best everything. Will always kick ass, no matter what.

2.A phrase which strikes fear into the heart of Red Sox fans everywhere.
Go Yankees
by Ryan April 16, 2004
When you blow a 4 game lead in the playoffs.
In the 2004 playoffs the New York Yankees choked big time, and the Boston Red Sox moved on to win the World Series.
by Budd April 11, 2005
The best team in baseball for many years, however now is struggling because of a depleated minor league farm system. The New York Yankees continously own the Boston Red Sox, and if you don't believe it take for example the 5-game sweep. They are better than the Mets, as they had the same record as them last year and the Mets are in the National League so you can basically obviously distinguish who is better. Also, the Yankees earned all the money they have. They didn't go digging for gold and strike it.
Phil Hughes, Matt DeSalvo and Chris Basak from (AAA) must be ready to get the New York Yankees some major help, fast.
Clearly Sports best team. A total of 26 world championships and numerous pennants. Their rival team the Red Sox suck ass. Whenever theres a fight on the feild, the Red Sux are knocked out cold.
The Yankees won today 6-2.
by Bronx Bomber May 11, 2005

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