A baseball team that is greatly over rated and always has the highest payroll each year. The Yankees also have the worst fans because they are all fags from New York, who have the worst accents of all the Places in the United States
"If I were liked the New York Yankees I would kill myself"
by LordofWar April 18, 2008
The best and most recognizable sports franchise ever created throughout the world. With 27 world championships, the Yankees have the most championship wins and playoff appearances not only in Major League Baseball, but in the entire world. The Yankees have had the greatest baseball players to ever step foot on this planet play for them. The Yankees rival is the Boston Red Sox. Red Sox fans are known to bitch and whine about how much money the Yankees have and how some players have used steroids. Their money is earned from being solid throughout the years, not because the Yankees are corporate bastards who have millions of dollars to blow. Apparently, Red Sox fans are fucking blind to the Yankees' past and think that one loss will make a team suck. In short, the Yankees are the best organization of professional sports players ever assembled who shit on pitiful Red Sox fans that are blind and can't see success.

Yankees Fan - "Shut the fuck up and cry over our 27 Championships."
by PrecisionBassPaul October 10, 2010
a team that i will admit is always good..except 06-07 so far lol. but hey, they have the absoloute shittiest fanbase EVER! they have like 70 million "fans" that probably cant name 5 players on the yankees roster and probably think a-rod was drafted by the team. The Yankees are very succesful but the only way you can be a true yankees fan is if u r rich, and that is becuase they are almost always sold out..

im not a yankees fan or a red sox fan, i like the cincinnati reds... 5 world series title, ken griffey jr, adam dunn, ryan freel, bronson arroyo, aaron harang, etc are some of the current impacts players of the reds, and dont get me started on the lists that include johny bench and pete rose..but whatever this isnt about the reds lol. im just saying, if the yankees ever become the tampa bay devil rays, lets see how many "fans" they will have.
guy: hey dad i love the new york yankees! can we go watch one of their games!

dad: no it costs 600$ for bleacher seats, but hey how about we go watch a reds game, they are currently last in their division and 5 bucks for some good seats donw in cincy.

guy: no im gonna go watch a red sox game, they are my new favorite team
by Boaz Shachaf May 19, 2007
the greatest sports franchise known to man, the one and only, the cream of the crop, every boston fan's worst nightmare. witnessing a game in the bronx is better than sex. one might get chills down their spine when the phrase" YANKEE--BASEBALL" is uttered by 52,000 strong during a game in the mecca of sports-yankee stadium.
"what does a hot dog and beer taste like in fenway park during a game in october?"--nobody knows...
by bostonsuckscock February 25, 2004
Sexual act wherein a girl is giving a guy a hand job while another guy throws bagels at her. Once the first male ejaculates, the girl must take a bagel, put the man's semen on it and eat it.
Yo, this girl gave me and my buddy a New York Yankee earlier!
by steve beekins November 20, 2006
The greatest sports franchise of all time.

26 world championships and soon to change.

Bandwaggoners go because WE WIN.

I am not a bandwaggon fan though, I can tell you that.

The #1 causer of jealousy in the U.S.A.
The Yankees win theeeeee Yankees win.
by Mike April 12, 2004
a good team even though i love the red sox i've learned that yes the yankees are a good team but like i said i love the red sox
red sox rule but the new york yankees are pretty good
by GRant gosselin January 09, 2008
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