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When attempting to eat a girl out while severly drunk, and then, vomiting inbetween her thighs.
Did you have a NEWYORK TACO after drinking to much Jeiger last night?
by Baro, J', Javo May 07, 2003
When you get so drunk you puke in the girl's box while eating her out.
Example 1: Eight beers, six shots, two lips and one New York Taco.

Example 2: I was hungry late-night, but I was so drunk that all I ended up with was a New York Taco.
by thepoodlebites February 24, 2009
When you shit on a woman's chest. and then proceed to titty-fuck her.
"After we got back to her place, I gave that bitch a New York Taco."
by Reverend Mexicoy May 19, 2010