by Red Hot Chili December 12, 2003
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A fuxing hard difficulty setting o Max Payne.

You have 1 minute to finish the level, but you can gain seconds to your time by killing ans stuff.
">_< OMFG how the fuck am I supposed to run that fast to the fucking end of the fucking subway"
by RandyL December 08, 2003
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The length of time New York Subway Trains have their doors open, about 28 to 30 seconds. Everything is fast in new York City. If You do something twice as fast as regular, that's a New York minute.
I'll be done with (whatever) in a New York Minute. big Hurry
by L.A. Boy May 14, 2013
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"Let's have a quickie in the woods in the park. It'll only take a minute."
by REAL AMERICAN June 20, 2005
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