A very short unit of time. Analogous to about a day in one of those flat, boring, rural states in the middle of the country.
"Dude, you better move fast, that shit is gonna get snapped up in a New York minute."
by Danny Delinquent December 13, 2003
The time between the light turns green and the guy behind you honks his horn.
That bitch got pissed off in a New York Minute when i stole her shit.
by Alex December 10, 2003
Approximately sixty seconds.
Don: For how long do I have to microwave this?

Lawrence: For a New York Minute.
by Diggity Monkeez January 15, 2005
the amount of time it takes between a tourist arriving in new york city and the moment he is brutally beaten and mugged.
larry was excited to see the statue of liberty, but in a new york minute his dumb wisconsin ass was in the ER.
by Clay Bertrand December 11, 2003
Quicker than quick; a "New York minute" is relative to a few seconds everywhere else.
"It happened so fast; it was all over in a New York minute!"
by sharona December 09, 2003
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