v. Quick, fast and in a hurry.
I'll be there to get you in a New York Minute.
by POE December 15, 2003
A very fast minute. You use this saying when you'll be back, or have something done, really quick.
"I'll have the cookies here in a New York minute!"
by Plaid December 15, 2003
A very short period of time; within a blink or a heartbeat. Originates from the legendary fast pace of life in New York.
I can beat that score in a new york minute.
by progamer124 December 06, 2003
Really fast, lickety-split; just ask me and I'll jump on it.
I can whip up some martinis in a New York minute.
by octopod December 06, 2003
A very short period of time. So named because New York is a busy city where people are in such a rush that a minute seems to pass in less than sixty seconds.
When the most attractive girl in school asked me if I wanted to have sex with her, I thought about it for a New York minute before saying "yes".
by Whiskey Zulu December 07, 2003
Very quick amount of time...noted by NYC's fast pace
When the J-Lo song came on the radio, he turned the station in a New York Minute
by BFG December 06, 2003
An extremely short period of time
"If we could find a merger in another city that would work as well, we'd do it in a New York minute" (Jonathan Golden).
by kanchi September 08, 2009

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