Concrete jungle where dreams are made.
In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh...
by eclclie March 12, 2011
If you already don't know anything about NY (much like the idiots who have already posted on here), than wow! New York is a State that contains NYC which draws most attention away from other parts of the state because of it national and world importance. New York State used to be a very nice place to live, however the taxes and ever-increasing cost of living makes New York one of the most undesirable places to live.
Not all of upstate NY is farmland! There are cities in upstate NY that are comparable to other national cities, such as Cleveland, Houston, Atlanta, and Orlando.

New York City gains most of their rough edge from their incorporation of four outer regions known as boroughs. People from the Bronx and Brooklyn are tough people and have little or nothing in common with those who are residents of Manhattan. Queens and Staten Island are suburban in character, but Queens is the most diverse place in the nation.

Long Island contains Brooklyn and Queens, but is not considered part of LI by many people. The counties of Nassau and Suffolk constitute Long Island. LI suffers from high taxes and increasing government incroachment.
Most people recognize the state because it is home to Manhattan. Life in New York (anywhere underneath upstate at least) is truly the fast life. New York definitely takes the prize for having the best Italian food, the best bagels, the most diversity, and the best fashion. However, just like any other state, New York has it's downsides too. The taxes are quite high, the quality of living is going downhill, and people tend to be too caught up with material things. I was born and raised in Long Island, New York and have experienced things there that I would have never experienced anywhere else. Also, it is true that many Long Islanders have an accent, (we pronounce "dog" like "dawg") but we can't help it! With that said, it is an awesome place to visit, but not to live (hence why I no longer live there). Many (not all) New Yorkers tend to drive aggressively. To all of the people that hate on New York, keep it to yourselves. To all of the people that gloat about how New Yorkers are better than everyone else, keep that to yourselves too. All in all, VISIT New York every once in a while, have the time of your life, and then go back home!
Boy, I sure am proud to be from New York, but I would never want to live there!
by NewYorkTexas September 28, 2010
An amazing state with more than just the city. Upstate new york does not include

longisland. It is a farming region of new york. Has beautiful scenery,

waterfalls, streams, rivers, ect. New york is the home of the real bagels and

real(new york style) pizza. It is also home of the new york coney island dog.

Has a strong dutch, italian, greek ancestry. Uses the word wicked. Has high

taxes is a expensive and ritzy area. And is beautiful. Yes there are quite a few

rude and uncivilized people. Is not nearly as racist as southern states(TEXAS).

Is very interested in fashion and keeping themselves looking nice.
I moved from new york to texas and was creeped out by their hospitality.
I want to flip off everyone that cuts me off becaus im from new york.
I hate southern states where they marry their sisters and cousins.
I say wicked.
Happy that when i moved back i was flipped off when i cut someone off.
by Upstate New Yorker June 11, 2009
guess wht newyork is alot bigger than la it has 8 million and with its suburbs its has 23 million la has 3 and sumthing million wit its subburbs it has 16 milion newyork is the biggest wow your dumb.
new york is the best city in the world.
by richie January 03, 2005
In the wintertime the temperature falls well below the legal minimum, or rather it would do if anybody had the common sense to set a legal minimum. The last time anybody made a list of the top hundred character attributes of New Yorkers, common sense snuck in at number 79. In the summer it's too darn hot. It's one thing to be the sort of life form that thrives on heat and finds, as the Frastrans do, that the temperature range between 40,000 and 40,004 is very equable, but it's quite another to be the sort of animal that has to wrap itself up in lots of other animals at one point in your planet's orbit, and then find, half an orbit later, that your skin's bubbling. Spring is overrated. A lot of the inhabitants of New York will honk on mightily about the pleasures of spring, but if they actually knew the first thing about the pleasures of spring they would know of at least 5,983 better places to spend it than New York, and that's just on the same latitude. Fall, though, is the worst. Few things are wose than fall in New York. Some of the things that live in the lower intestines of rats would disagree, but most of the things that live in the lower intestines of rats are highly disagreeable anyway, so their opinion can and should be discounted. When it's fall in New York, the air smells as if someone's been frying goats in it, and if you are keen to breathe, the best plan is to open a window and stick your head in a building.
New Yorker: "Spring in New York is the best!"
Citizen of nearly any other city: "Yea, the all the flowers and trees! You do know what those are...right?"
New Yorker: "..."
by Mainesoundsnice December 07, 2010
1. A big city that mainly consists of high paid buisiness men, gangstas, and homeless people following you around asking for money

2. A reality tv star

1. "My trip to New York sucked! A high paid buisiness man ran over my foot, some gangstas mugged me for a pack of cigarettes and a towel, and some homeless guy peed on my foot!

2. If you were standing next to New York when all the density of the earth collapsed, you'd be drowned in silicone.
by erin... rawr December 17, 2007

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