A place that is the best. We have everything. Food, people, clothes, food. We are freakin awesome and all the other states know this they just hatin.
Bob: Dude New York is so freakin AWESOME!!!
Jim: I know dude, I'm from there...
BoB: Well then its still awesome(;
Jim: Yes Bob it is.
by princess419 October 29, 2008
Fuck New York. That ratass piece of shit overrated city sucks nuts, which is why all new yorkers go to miami. If new york is so great, how come half of that fucked up city lives in miami or la, etc. Because NY sucks DICK. If you don't want to shop, there is jackshit to do there. Also new yorkers are disgusting and should not be classified as members of the human race. FUCK. NEW. YORK.
Guy with a brain: fny
Little new york douchefag: Oh, you're jealous!
Guy with brain: Oh, where do you live?
douchefag: Miami....
Guy with brain: Right. Suck my dick, bitch.
by FuckNewYorkToHell September 17, 2010
Antithesis to the airheaded, redneck Chicago.
New York is better, for many reasons.
by US Eye March 22, 2007
Generally where a lot of people don't get along and the same races of people populate similar area's, though this is in part due to economics and the fleeing white demographic. Once you get out into the cities, you will be harrassed for taking part in a order that isn't native to the 'worldy' area and this will lead too a mass frenzy of followers and snobs, only to be broken up by random moments of stupidity to gain social status and acceptance. Although the older slaves are pretty friendly.
In New York the people like to give you hints you're getting a clue.
by razzamatazibizzle August 01, 2011
The only place where everyone can be in one place and yet mind their own business, whether it being on their blackberry or being deep in thought, with the occasional run-in all try to avoid. You barely even notice other people. You can be wearing the silliest Lady Gaga outfit and nobody will even give you a second look. It's the only place that isn't a community; so many people within the thirteen miles and yet you don't know anyone except your close circle of friends. The hottest eligible bachelors are found here. You don't need to be a New Yorker to fit in, because standing out is exactly what it means to fit in there. It is globally known for its diversity and rich culture and for its success in the film and business industry. You can come to New York to pursue whatever dreams you have. And also, New York City is home to many. Just don't wear any "I <3 NY" souvenirs and you'll fit right in -- they scream out tourist and have "tourist" written all over it. And don't stand in the corner of the sidewalk looking at a map.
*Woman on the sidewalk looking at map, wearing an I <3 NY sweater*
Man: Tourist?
Woman: Yeah, how'd you know?
Man: Well, for starters, native New Yorkers don't ever wear those sweaters. And most natives know how to get around without looking at a map.
Woman: Oh well, thank you. How do you get from Madison to Fifth Avenue?
by I'm Kate April 06, 2011
(1) The fucking ONLY city in the world. No other city can even begin to compare.
(2) A lackluster farming state in the Northeastern United States. (Also called upstate.) Includes places like Westchester, Rockland, Suffolk, Nassau, and Niagra Falls.
I fucking HEART New York!!!!!
by Jared March 23, 2005
Also known as China, or New Asia. Do they bring them over here by boatloads or plane cargo????
"I walked down the street in Flushing, New York. There was ALOT of asians. It smelled like fish and rice. I cried, because I realized that they pork-fried all the Americans and sold them in the Chinese food store down the block. And the dogs. Yeah. Don't forget the dogs.
by That guy from around the block December 03, 2010

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