-the center of the universe
-the hottest city of them all, not by temperature but by culture
-home to RENT and other fabulous stage shows
ANGEL: "New York City, Center of the Universe..."
by Martha's_Cellmate November 13, 2004
most of you are just judging the city from movies and stuff because you've never been there. it's not that dirty, pretty safe, and a lot better than living in wherever you live with the other white trash, because stuff actually happens here. also, terrorism could and probably will happen in other parts of the country anyway
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by 34234234 November 23, 2003
place. Bustling metropolis brimming with night life and dreamy-eyed folk chasing both the promise that is America and a sea of yellow cabs. Unlimited opportunity but limited seating. Concrete spires surrounding halal food carts beside world-class museums. Pigeons. So many pigeons. Many with feathers.

Wow. That hurricane Sandy really messed this place up.

No. This is how it always looks.

Hey! How about those New York Knickerbockers!
by gnostic 1 December 08, 2012
The greatest city in the greatest state in the greatest country in the world. New York has everything that is good. New York city is home to refreshing diversity, great sports teams, great food, and great people. Fun and exciting, New York has variety. From enormous skyscrapers and bridges to mountains, wide rivers, and beuatiful beaches. If you had a choice, why whould you live anywhere else?
New York, birthplace of biggie smalls, and home to the defending super bowl champion Giants.
by Buck Foston March 30, 2008
Greatest state in the Country, with the Greatest city in the world!! Home of the greatest buildings, the greatest sites, the greatest RAPPERS, and of course home of the N.Y. Yankees, Giants, and Jets.. I personally moved the Mets to Jersey..they can have them. Much better than Taxachusettes! Go on, talk about how the Red Sox won in '04, only how many more to catch up with us?
NY is the greatest state, and I love living in NYC.. "You can spot us from out of town by the way that we talk, the way that we walk.." Now back the fuck up before we EAT YOUR FACE!
by Break your face January 27, 2005
A state where 98% of its area gets a bad rap from 2%. There's a helluva lot more to New York than the City.
I'm from Upstate New York.
by Don October 26, 2003
The best state. Number 11 to the Union. I wish only Northeasterners and worthy (like those who want to move to New York because they enjoy it or want to) Western and Midwesterners could move to New York. We DON'T like Southerners who move here unless they want to! Get out you sister-fuckers if you think it's all tall buildings! It's not even 10% all tall buildings or even urban, sheesh! It's mostly rural and suburban, learn aleady! Like you say, "Shlow, dumbash wheel get dit!"
I'm from New York, I enjoy the second amendment, let alone pretty much the whole constitution and all the amendments, I respect and enjoy separation of church and state unlike those bloody Southerners, I'm not a city boy like most New Yorkers, I enjoy some of the greatest food in America, the greatest hospitality and the nicest people. And if I want to, I can head down for a big city in NYC or I could go to Buffalo or Watertown or Poughkeepsie or whatever city I wish, and we have towns and even villages too! And we have tiny hamlets, and rural towns, and suburbia, and urban areas! It's all in New York!
by VanillaCoffee July 21, 2010
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