-the center of the universe
-the hottest city of them all, not by temperature but by culture
-home to RENT and other fabulous stage shows
ANGEL: "New York City, Center of the Universe..."
by Martha's_Cellmate November 13, 2004
A STATE in the Northeastern US. Has much more going for it than NYC, which is still a great city. Also has very beautiful landsapes upstate and on long island. A state that about 99% of people judge by NYC, which takes up less than 1% of the state's land. Oh yeah, and yes, they do put NY on the mail, what kind of a stupid question is that?
There is WAY more to New York than just New York City.
by dammitismyword June 11, 2005
The only reason I might refuse to move to Europe when I get a life.

But hey, the other big cities are pretty damn good, too!
NYC Roxors!
by MamaSmurf July 17, 2003
Many see New York as the only city in the world. This is not true. But there is no doubt that it is a fantastic city. I grew up in a suburb north of New York City called Westchester, and taking the train to the city is the coolest feeling, seeing the ugliness of Harlem, or the beauty of 42nd street. It's really fantastic. And it's the home of Broadway. Broadway kicks ass.
Avenue Q and Assassins are the best shows in New York right now.
by Jon June 18, 2004
1) the capital of the world
2) the only real city in the usa
3) home to 8 million diverse people (and another 14 million in the immediate suburbs)
by Phil August 17, 2003
Most cosmopolitan city in America. Best queer scene, most exciting nightlife, and friendliest people.
In other words: New York is da bomb
L.A. just bombs.
by Tokyo to Paris November 06, 2003
The best city in the country, and one of the only ones that isn't 99 % suburban shit (LA, Atlanta, Houston)
by 12345 August 13, 2003
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