best bagels, best pizza, best italian food period, best places to shop, its awesome.. u can go out east on LI or manhattan or upstate NY. new york is a great place to live.

oh yeah and upstate is part of new york u idiot. if u wanna talk about the city say NYC. i'm sure upstate NY people write NY on their mail. you can't argue that or you're just dumb.
ummm i guess u have to visit new york

or umm go to the library and get a book on it.
by deenie July 04, 2004
New York is the best state in the United States. It has the number one city in the world (New York City), which is known to be the most exciting city, and the city that never sleeps. There's always something to do in New York. In NY, you have Long Island, which is one of the more expensive places to live. On Long Island there is Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County and Suffolk County. You are right near the beach, and there are extremely nice places such as the Hamptons where a lot of famous people live. New York City has a lot of people, including a lot of famous people that live there. Hip-hop began in NYC, and many stars today were born in New York. You also have upstate New York, which looks like a totally different place. In Upstate New York, you have beautiful lakes and mountains, where it snows a lot in the winter and is warm in the summer. There are scenic places such as the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. New York is known to be one of the most expensive states to live in, and it is known to have the best education system in the United States. New York is home of the Yankees, Mets, Islanders, Rangers, Giants, & Jets. People that aren't from New York will be able to tell that someone is when they talk because of their New York accent. It is very distinct, but only people from NYC and Long Island have this accent, people from Upstate New York do not. People who live in New York, are very proud to be from New York..and they will let you know that it is superior to all the other states in the US!
New York is the best state in the U.S.
by Kayla Hearn February 18, 2009
1.) The largest city in the United States. Popular for tourism and boasts good food, low crime rates, and close proximity to other cities such as Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

2.) A state anyone who doesn't live there forgets that it exists. Residents of Upstate New York will have to clarify that they don't live in the city when they say "New York".

Person wearing "I Heart NY" shirt: I just went to New York, it's such a great city!


Person: Where are you from?
Upstate NY resident: New York.
Person: The city, right?
Upstate NY resident: No, I live upstate.
Person: Oh.
by some idiot somewhere July 27, 2015
The second safest big city in the United States. Over 8M people with under 700 murders a year, and decreasing. The Capital of the World. The best sports teams, best pizza, best hot dogs. Strongest "Cosa Nostra" (mafia) families through out all the USA. The opposite of California, which is stuffed full of crime, murder, rape, surfers, and lazy-ass people who don't work a day in their lives. New York, the most famous city in the entire world, the best city in the world, the ONLY city in the world!
New York is statistically the second safest big city in the USA. It is also home to the best of everything, from sports, to museams, to buildings, to food, and everything else. Also the best subway system in the world.
by John Petosa June 25, 2003
There's a New York in England, too!

People keep calling me dumb for saying that there is. But seriously, go to wiki and check for yourself! I'm not dumb!

Go to Wikipedia and type this in after .org : /wiki/New_York,_Tyne_and_Wear
Me: ''There's a New York in England, too!''
Other person: ''How dumb can you be? There's no New York in England! Do you mean York? Stupid.''
Me: ''NO! Go check Wikipedia! I'm not dumb!
Other person after checking Wikipedia: ''Oh, I'm sorry, you were right!''
by TheKisshu1997 October 06, 2013
A place that is the best. We have everything. Food, people, clothes, food. We are freakin awesome and all the other states know this they just hatin.
Bob: Dude New York is so freakin AWESOME!!!
Jim: I know dude, I'm from there...
BoB: Well then its still awesome(;
Jim: Yes Bob it is.
by princess419 October 29, 2008
A lovely place. Very north European in outlook whilst embracing all cultures. Not the most *American* of North American cities but by far the best. Because of its geography it has evolved in a very classical manner, downtown being centered in southern Manhatten but starting to spill into Brooklyn and upwards into Harlem and the Bronx, with the suburbs on a distinctly 'second tier' of development; this contrasts sharply with the 'multi-hubbed' nature of Los Angeles with its multiple high rise centres making LA much more of a governmental concept than a unified civic community.
Everyone cityphile should go there atleast once.
by Thegasman February 24, 2004
The guy I was "meant to be with." He has the greatest blue eyes in the world. His hair's the color of mine and he makes me crack up. He's really nice and so sweet. He has the Empire State Building, one of the tallest towers in the world. And he has hot spicy pizza. He's just amazing. He also has the Twin Towers. He's cool. He's really funny and crazy, but really sweet and nice. New York is the best state ever. <3
"Overall I just love New York... I love New York... I love it... With my whole heart... You know... I heart New York... 'N.Y.'... I heart N.Y.... so much..."
by .F. April 04, 2013
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