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best bagels, best pizza, best italian food period, best places to shop, its awesome.. u can go out east on LI or manhattan or upstate NY. new york is a great place to live.

oh yeah and upstate is part of new york u idiot. if u wanna talk about the city say NYC. i'm sure upstate NY people write NY on their mail. you can't argue that or you're just dumb.
ummm i guess u have to visit new york

or umm go to the library and get a book on it.
by deenie July 04, 2004
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The mother of the modern city, to which in one way or another every other city in the world is compared. Always something to do here (if not everything), but it's generally the best idea to visit in fall or spring, when the city's weather and appearance are at their greatest. Summer, particularly August, would be a no-go: not only is it hot and humid, but a lot of people have gone on vacation, so there's comparatively less to do. If you have to go in summer, try anywhere from late May to early July. I'd recommend, among a hundred thousand other things, kayaking on the Hudson River — don't worry, it's clean, not to mention it's free.
Jack: "I went to New York in August and it sucked."

Jill: "No wonder, you fool; you went in August when it's hot and nasty and everyone's out of town. You might as well have gone to Calcutta. Come back in the fall and you'll enjoy yourself."

Two months later...

Jack: "I went back to New York and it kicked ass! I'm glad I listened."

Jill: "See? I told you."

Jack: "Let's go back next year!"

Jill: "Okay."
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Where teenagers can get drunk all the time without worrying about drunk driving!
New York is the most amazing place on the planet.
by trophy December 11, 2004
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Statistically, 3rd safest city out of the 25 largest cities in America. It's as safe as Boise, Idaho, and I dont hear any of you ignorant assholes bitching about Boise.
Get a new city to make shit up about.
by JIMBO May 15, 2004
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-the center of the universe
-the hottest city of them all, not by temperature but by culture
-home to RENT and other fabulous stage shows
ANGEL: "New York City, Center of the Universe..."
by Martha's_Cellmate November 13, 2004
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Why do half the people on here not know how to spell Manhattan?

The proper noun "Manhattan" does not contain the letter "e."
Let's take a closer look: M-A-N-H-A-T-T-A-N.
Did you see an "e" there? No, you didn't! ...because it's not fucking supposed to be there.

Manhattan: good
Manhatten: bad

Brooklen? Statin? Kweens? Broncks?
I'm embarrassed that so many people that are supposedly New Yorkers do not know how to spell Manhattan.
by aqueoustrans August 31, 2007
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11th State of the Union the consists of three main parts:

1. New York City - The most well known part of New York is New York City, which, contrary the popular belief is not ONLY Manhatten but also Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island. NYC is one of the most diverse places in the world...If you stand in Times Square for a full day, you will see someone of every nationality. Home of such shows as Rent, Wicked, and The Producers, and just an amazing place to be. NYC doesn't deserve the bad rep it has as it's been cleaned up more then the rest of the world can imagine since the 80's.

2. Long Island - LI is an island directly south of NYC that contains Naussua and Suffolk counties. We're best known for our beaches, drunk teens, and bitchy girls (we're not all bad). Horrbile accents run freely(for you it's Long Island, for us it's Lawn Guyland). DO NOT be mistaken that a an LIer thinks they are a part of NYC. LI is mostly urbanized with some farm land. Alot of the population is rich (Great Neck, Manhasset) , but there are some poorer areas (Hempstead).

3. Upstate- Usually considered anything North of NYC. Upstate tends to be rather rural but can have a crazy party life on weekends. Many people believe that the upstate-ers are intermarried hicks, but this is not the case. Upstate New York is just the same as the rest of NY except a little bit colder and a little less polluted
1. "New York City...Center of the Universe."
2. Long Island- Home to the most potheads in the United States.
3. Upstate - Gorgeous!
by Erica March 14, 2006
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World Wide Trend Setter, Zoo York, Melting Pot, Anything Goes, Terrorist Target, the city that never sleeps, but gets slept on ... the most "off the chain" city on the map ... the East Coast LA, the American Paris, we got kats from all walks of life, shorties that hustle harder than men, too many metaphors for the Mecca of the World... in one phrase: SHIT IS MAD REAL IN NYC, sun
No examples, b/c no other city is comparable ...
by Moreno August 18, 2003
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