the BEST state ever!!! okay we know what real food taste like everyone knows that a bun is not the same as a bagel~our drinking water is the best~& our food just kicks ass~ if u correct someones grammer you'r a fag~Manthatten is called the city~we have a fucking attiude & we aint afraid 2 show it cause where fucking great~don't ever mess with a newyorker~the bronx, Brooklyn, Manhatten,Staten island, & Queens are the 5 borrows of NY~Jersey is like the 2nd NY but just ISN'T the same @ all~guys=if ur in love with a NY girl raise ur glasses if ur not raise ur standerds
<3,<3,<3 NEW YORK<3. THE city that never sleeps.<3 <33333333333
by Krissykrisskristen September 19, 2007
Major United States city with asshole people. The city smells very bad. The city dumb is on large boats on the river. You also cannot drive in that city because of too many asshole taxi drivers and regular asshole people. Too expensive to live their. Try to stay away from NY.
1: "New York smells like ass."
2: "New York has asshole people."
by Kucamonga Kid March 24, 2005
New York is the city that's home to the greatest bunch of losers that anyone has ever seen. they pronounce all there syllables like a bunch of guys that take it up the ass and love to kiss ass to get to a postion. People from New York that play call of duty 2 for xbox live have gay ass gamertags like AWESOME O and brag how New York is the greatest city in the world when in reality it is home to the greatest bunch of c*cksuckers on the planet.
hey man have you played AWESOME O yet? He's a little bitch from New York that sucks at Call of Duty 2 and sounds like he has taken it up the bum more than once
by theGeneration June 03, 2006
The Atlanta of the eastcoast.

Man, the best pizza comes from the Atlanta of the eastcoast.

What's the Atlanta of the eastcoast?

New York of course!
by Everybodyhasallthenamestaken July 22, 2006
1) The greatest city in the world. Hell, the ONLY city in the world. The City contains 5 boroughs: Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Staten Island.
2) Upstate New York, a lackluster farm area in New York State outside of the city. Includes, but is not limitod to, Longisland, Rockman's, Dutchiss, Pakipsy Adderrhondax, and Buffolloe.
Thank God I live in the City!
by Queensguy February 19, 2005
A city with unparalleled strength, influence, and importance. It is a well-rounded, global, hip, trendy, of-the-moment, powerful, important, and cultured city. It is the premiere city of the United States and also the most important. No doubt about that.

It's a city full of arrogant delusional folks who think their city is superior to all others. It's the "center of the universe", the "capital of the world", the "greatest city on earth". They seem to have such pride in their city. So why do they keep talking trash about Los Angeles? I don't know. All the defintions of "Los Angeles" were probably made by New Yorkers who haven't left their city in the past 5 years and still base their opinions on experiences in 2001. They should just admit that they feel threatened by Los Angeles because the gap between LA and NYC is always decreasing.

New Yorkers live in closets in which they paid half their salary on just to live in the provincial nation of Manhattan. Yes, those closets are filled with cheap furniture, people who can't decorate because they don't have the time (being too busy "making it to the top"), and probably never utilize their kitchens as they are always out at night enjoying the nightlife. Its subways are very cruddy. Aside from Manhattan, there is essentially NOTHING to love about New York City and really all of New York State.
Jack- "New York City is the greatest city on Earth!"

Jill- "It's a great city but it doesn't have any natural beauty like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle."
by socalivy December 04, 2006
Very intellectually stimulating and culturally charged city, from it's EUROPEAN contributions. Whereas the Puerto Ricans add nothing, and everyone hates them. And the negroes worse.

A city as of late the Irish have claimed credit for building? Even though it was already built, when the Dutch had arrived. They just contributed to it's corrupt politics and greasing the squekey wheel.
Look at Ireland, do they build anything? They have have many good writers, because the Irish are good bullshitters, and that is it. But they did not build New York.
by GlennMiller June 01, 2006
The epitome of a city. i.e lots of people crammed into a small space, all of whom are competing to kill, rob, maim, eat each other.yes, i have been there. and it made my asthma worse. How many people do you see wearing a " i love Asthma" t-shirt.
A good a reason as any to smash a jumbo jet into a tower.
"New York, New York. So good they hit it twice...with airplanes laden with aviation fuel"

"i once bought weed in washington square, i got ripped off"

"The big apple...if you can imagine an apple with 3000 dead bankers throwing themselves out of the window."
by Phil K May 03, 2005
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