a diverse state with many interesting things to do in it, and often thought by fucktards as a state where a bunch of cowboys live.
also the only state to have a question that is recognized almost nowhere else.
also where mexicans live, but if its on tv there are none, how stupid is that?
in new mexico it goes
waiter: do you want chile?
customer: yes
waiter: red or green?
customer: BOTH!
by persia_sparta April 21, 2006
Forget Arizona. This place is better. Housing afforability, friendly people, good drivers, a population that isnt growing too fast, the southern Rocky Mountains and skiing. New Mexico has more engineering (especially atomic engineering) degrees per capita than any state. Most engineers work near Roswell in secret locations.


1. plenty of DUI and alcoholism thanks to the large native population
2. poverty
New Mexico is actually a very nice state to live. Midwesterners who move southwest should choose New Mexico over Arizona anyday.
by krock1dk September 04, 2007
1. To miss easy free throws
2. To screw up an easy chance at something
1. Damn, how did Gilbert Arenas new mexico those free throws! They lost bc of him
2. Yo, you shoulda hooked up with that hott chick, she wanted it. You totally new mexicoed it.
by Chicaaago Ditka August 10, 2006
The one of the cleanest and beautiful, yet cheapest states with neatly decorated highways and new smooth pavement.
New Mexico is a mountains and forests state.
by Vabq April 26, 2006

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