A state in the U.S.A. Home to The Misfits, Bruce Springsteen and My Chemical Romance. Just like most other cities. Has it's fair share of crime but hey, where doesn't? The American version of Manchester (definition also provided for Manchester).
'So, where you from?'
'Channel Islands?'
'Nah, New Jersey.'
'Ahh cool. What you want for lunch?'
by WatchingAmerica December 06, 2006
A state that happens to be across the river from New York City. It catches a lot of shit for this unavoidable accident of geography. If Iowa was across the river from New York City, we'd all be watching "Iowa Shore" right now and making fun of the guidos. In spite of this situation, my unscientific assessment of the asshole population in New Jersey is that the ratio of assholes to regular folks actually places "Jersey" among the more decent of the of American states, ranking somewhere between Tennessee and Colorado, whereas if you gleaned your perception of New Jersey from our popular culture, you might think it was a place as asshole-ridden as Massachusetts or Florida.

Overall, a great place to be from. It is affluent, highly-educated, and densely populated but down-to-earth and diverse. The best ethnic food is in New Jersey. Every celebrity you can think of is from New Jersey. Bruce Springsteen wrote a lot of songs about getting the fuck out of New Jersey, but continues to represent by living there, so recognize.
-Where are you from?

-New Jersey
by Jim Florio February 04, 2010
A state thought to be the perilous armpit of the nation, until a young man attended The Military College of Vermont(Norwich) and discovered a large quantity of whores and unhuman looking people.
This cadet claims to have never heard "Jersey" pronounced "Joisy" either.
There is no condescending name for New Jersey such as "vermonsters" in VT or "commiefornia" for CA.
by C/PVT Smith, T January 17, 2004
Well. lets see here what we can do....

People for Jersey, read here, if NOT then skip ahead

-Jersey is the garden state for a reason. Old volcanic rock that has been broken down makes the perfect soil for the state that grows the most tomatoes. Its an odd state that could be urban in the cities, grassy in the highlands, or anywhere between. I happen to live at the tip, even further north than new york city, and its FREEZING. But if you went to the upmost sothern part, its HOT AS HELL! New jersey people now a days take to much crap that was left behind from a while ago, all the other states dont want to let us forget about how arogant people were here before we were even born!

now that thats out of my system....


-I live in jersey and can personally tell you how much is sucks. There are so many minoritys here, that ANYONE AND EVERYONE in your school growing up was racist, and cuz of our additude, your ass was kicked. Because of this, Jersey has left the bon jovi days behind and started to divide its children into two groups (to avoid racial separation for the millenniums, the old racist people are stuck in the past... seriously, four of my neighbors parents are like this) Any way, Group A: Sluts and Jocks. Group B: Emos and others. Group A naturally obtained their snobby attitude from generations of jersians, and i dont think i have to go into much more detail, considering how well other posts have done this job for me. Now, The sluts pick on the others (those not slutty enough to make popular status) and the Jocks pick on the Emos. If you werent obnoxious before first grade, thats it. your life is hell. There was once a survey talking about the goverments bad tap water on the east side, and that if you flush medicine down the drain it would get in the tap. This wasnt just jersey, and it listed the top medicines found in new york (tylenol, pepto...) florida (pain killers for old people, various old people medicines) and the point is, every state had roughly 5 things listed. Jersey had two: anger management pills (no doubt flushed down in a refusal to take them) and Anti-depressents. Mood stableizers werent even listed in the other states!!! I live in Jersey and want to leave it SO BAD.
1. Tomatoes are New Jersey's main export, allong with trees, sand, fresh-air and sunshine! (people are mean though)

2. There are so many sluts and emos in New Jersey, that every other suburban house holds either an old racist dude, a prick, or a mental institute escapee.
by xfill_in_the_blank_herex January 26, 2009
basically a shit hole
dude im going to new jersey
why would you got to new jersey its a shit hole
by bob654333 July 12, 2011
The great state that ended up being the play toy of the fucking idiots of MTV and the Jersey Shore. A show that has no point to exist and should be thrown off air immediately and no I'm not from joisey.
Hey where you from.
New Jersey
Oh youz from Joizey
No, I'm from New Jersey. You need special ed-classes.
by A Rebel October 11, 2010
Not New York.
-Have you been to New York yet?
-Yeah, I were in New Jersey the other week.
by Mister Sheilaman August 15, 2010
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