New Jersey is the realist state on earth, we dont have fake TV shows like California. Nj smells like... Trees. We have awesome beaches and rolling hills. Everything in jersey rocks. and the only people that disagree have never been here, or have only been near obnoxious New York. We are the 6th richest state, and somerset is the RICHEST county in america.

Yes Nj is the best state.. and anyone who disagree's can come kiss my ass
mmhm. That New Jersey Beach is awesome
by SexyBrad2 September 20, 2005
Let me clear somethings up

1. We don't say Joisey, we say Jurzee I think we would know how to pronounce our state's name

2. The only part of the state that has industrial factories is in the Northeast part that is real close to NYC

3. We have shores, not beaches

4. We have garbage dumps? Naw, your thinking of Staten Island, New York home to the biggest dump in the world

5. We're all in the Mafia? Nope, New Jersey is home to Italians, Irish, Blacks, Indians, Jews, and is a diverse state, stop hating on Italian people anyway, I'm Italian and don't know anyone in the mob.

6. We are small boring state? We might be small but it's not THAT boring, we have six flags great adventure, home to King Da Ka, many malls, beaches, cities (Jersey city, Atlantic City, Newark, etc.) and concerts. If you wanna be bored go to North Dakota.

7. We have a horrible accent, like Cawfee, gawjus, dawg, baygal? Not really, our accents are not that strong and a lot of people aren't even born and raised in Jersey. I know people that moved here from Illinois, South Carolina, and New York so alot of people that your hear talking haven't even lived here for half their lives.

8. We're poor? Pshh, as of 2008 we are one of the richest states, yes CT is richer stop bitiching.

9. Suburbia? Yes are our suburbs are home to soccer moms, PTA meetings, and SUV'S. But suburbs are actually not that bad, we don't have to worry about getting shot, or killed, we can stay out late without getting arrested, you get a lot of friends, no racial tension, no gangs, and we all go to colleges.

10. New Jersey is the same everywhere you go in the state?
No, Northeast Jersey is industry, Rest of North Jersey like Bergen county are rich, and their are ghettos like Newark, Patterson, and Elizabeth but their not that bad. Central Jersey, home to suburbs, Trenton the state capital and shores. South Jersey has Atlantic City, close to Phily, and the best shores in the state.
Kid: Ew your from Joisey, that's not as good as my state!

Me: I guess you don't like beaches, King Da Ka the highest fastest rollercoaster in the world, Queen Latifah, Redman, Derek Jeter, Kevin Jonas, Ashley Tisdale, The Sopranos, House, Princeton, cause they're all from New Jersey and I'm loving it.
by Jersey Kid March 21, 2008
the best state on the east coast man

the state where the most awesome people are, the beach, and the best entertainment...well at least thats what toms river has.....
Nc is soooooo boring...take me back to new jersey
by mandy son May 03, 2006
New Jersey, what's not to like? Most people that put down Jersey havent even stepped foot in the state, so f' them, there opinions don't mean a damn thing. Yeah "yo" is a great attention getter and we say it all the time, is that such a bad thing? At least we aren't going around say "hey ya'll" or "quit being so gnarly dude!" No we aren't all italian, and no not all of us live like the saprano's. most of the people that act like that werent even born and raised in jersey, they are usually from new york. they only moved here because its safer. yeah newark and camden are mad dangerous at night, but no just because you drive through there doesnt mean you will get shot. just dont stare at people on the streets and act like a dumbass. and no not all of us live off the parkway so quit "what exit are you from" most people dont even refer to exits. we dont call it the beach its the shore, and half the time we only go down there to party. we know exactally where to get alcohol illegally and we arent stupid enough to use a fake idea, just chalk your age you asshole. if you dont drive fast and agressivly, then you dont belong here. if you think jersey smells then i suggest you either stay out or shut your mouth before we take a bat to your head. none of us say "joisey" if anything its more "jerrrrze." every good night ive had ended at a diner at 4am for breakfast after a good night of partying, which always ends with a fight. f' you im from jersey and i love it.
dickwad: hahahaha you said "water" messed up. its because your from "joisey!"
me: yo im from new jersey, would you like a bagel up your ass dickwad?
by irishJERSEYgirrlFURREALLL September 02, 2006
New Jersey is a great place to live, notice i didnt say joisey? Its not some gross place that everyone claims it to be. Its not the dump place for New York's garbage, we are payed to take the garbage to Staton Island. NJ also houses one of the safest towns in the nation, second to be exact, Brick, New Jersey. New Jersey is home to many wellknown people like bruce springsteen, bon jovi, jay and silent bob, Queen Latifah, Redman, Catch 22, some Kevin Smith Films like Dogma, and the Sopranos. Were one of the few states in the country who have 24 hour diners, and wawas. Most places in Jersey are walking distance from where you are, so its easy to get around. Its one of the only places in the country where you can have a day trip to New York and Philadelphia is just around the corner. Our beaches are sure to have visitors from all over in the summer coming to see the well-talked-about Jersey Shore. You can also have a day trip to the shore, not the beach, and go home later on. We arent poor either, our average house cost is over $600,000. We are home to Haddonfield, New Jersey, where many movies are filmed and it has been listed as one of the richest towns in the nation recently. Jersey has many attractions to. You can see farms one minute, and the next, see a well developed small city-like neighborhood. Our malls are a great attractions to tourists as well. And dont forget our soccer and our education. With one of the highest graduation and college rates in the country also. I fucken love new jersey.
New Jersey Shore, wawas, and 24 hour diners, what more could you ask for?
by jerseyrules December 28, 2005
A great state to live in. People who don't know the truth of Jersey have likely never lived/visited there, and write it off as "boring" or "shitty" when in fact it is very interesting and has a lot to offer. That's why all the obnoxious New York trash (who pronounce it as "Joisey") and Pennsylvanian hick scum come here for vacations. A classy state with classy towns. Home of the Pine Barrens, one of the most unique, beautiful, and important forests in the WORLD, and people have the nerve to say that Jersey smells like pollution (that's only around New York and Philly, fellas). All in all, a totally misunderstood state. Just stay away from Camden.
I went to college in PA and now realize how much it blows compared to New Jersey.
by eongonegni October 05, 2005
The human history of New Jersey began millennia ago with the settlement of the area by Native Americans. European contact began with the exploration of the Jersey Shore by Giovanni da Verrazzano in 1524, At the time of European contact, the area was populated by many tribes of the Lenape. The New Jersey region soon came under the control of the Swedes and the Dutch resulting in a struggle in which the Dutch were victorious. However, the Dutch colony of New Netherlands was seized by the English in 1664. New Jersey was one of the Thirteen Colonies that broke off from Britain in the American Revolution, adopting the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Becoming a state upon the formation of the United States, New Jersey saw significant action during the American Revolutionary War. New Jersey's delegates signed the Articles of Confederation in 1779 and Princeton acted as the nation's capital for four months in 1783. In 1787, New Jersey became the third state to ratify the United States Constitution. In the 19th century, New Jersey cities led the nation into the Industrial Revolution and provided soldiers for many of the wars the United States fought, including 88,000 soldiers for the American Civil War. The state became a component of the Underground Railroad. The state's transportation system continued to improve with the construction of canals and more rail lines that helped industrialization further develop.
New Jersey is a US state.
by Lars323 October 07, 2009
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