I'm from jersey, and i have always lived there, until now. My family sadly has just moved outside of the country for my dads job. And it is extremly hard only being able to go back to NJ only twice a year. I love New Jersey so much, and when i talk about everyday in school, the only responces i get are, "hahahaha ur from new joisie!!!" They just dont know, they havent even been to america. There are so many ways to define new jersey so its hard to pick a definition..the people are so nice, sure bad driving (but thats wat makes it fun) no not every person in new jersey relates to someone from the tv show "jersey shore", parts can be poor, but also have the richest towns in the nation. Bruce Sprinsteen, julia childs are from NJ. We have one of the best collages in the nation.....so thats right haters, u dont know how jersey is.....so stop hatin.
hater: hahahaha ur from JOISIE
jersian: no, im from New Jersey
hater: no its pronounced JOISIE
jersian: yea how do u know i have an accent
hater: cause everybody from JOISIE does
jersian:have u ever been there?
hater: ..no
jersian: right, enough said
by summitsister2468 May 18, 2011
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You know your from New Jersey if

You live within 30 minutes from the beach but never go there in the Summer do to them being overcrowded

The beach is the shore

You either love or hate New York City

You have at least 10 pairs of hats and sun glasses

You defend your state to outsiders but then bash it just as much

You rarely if ever refer to your state as Jersey

You know of people who were affiliated with the mafia

You know what real pizza taste like

You hate the TV Show Jersey shore

You have called New York City NYC before.
You think Trenton is the worst place ever

You know people who hate New York City but still like their sports teams.

You don't eat seafood, despite living so close to the ocean

Cheese Pizza is Plain Pizza and nothing else

You pronounce Mario Mae-Rio

Newark is Ne-wark

You'll go to other states such as Maryland Delaware and Virginia to go to the beach just to avoid the overcrowding of your own.

You live for Summer
Hey Ted were are you from

I'm from New Jersey
by Silverfalcon May 22, 2013
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What, so you think you're so special? (From Family Guy)

New Jersey is better known as the Garden State. However, it is officially known to have the most gangs and arrests (arrests apply in areas like Jersey City or any downtown areas). It is also the home of Atlantic City, the playground of rich people all over the wherever the heck you may be from to spend money on casinos and relax.
It looks as though New Jersey is peaceful. It is, as I see it!
by AThepro August 23, 2007
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That state up in Yankeeland that is home to the nastiest city in the US...Newark. That, coming from a citizen of the greatest state in the US, TEXAS!
And, yes, I have been to New Jersey!!!
by Hallie Corson September 28, 2004
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The best state in the country, but only because Princeton is in New Jersey. Princeton is the most incredible town ever, where people are rich, chic, snobby, and fabulous! What else could you ever ask for? Everyone from Princeton knows they are better then everyone else, but we live the life of privilege and everyone else is just jealous. Everyone goes to private school (we have some of the best private schools in the country) and is taught at a young age to strive for the best and taught the elitist mindset. Preppy is the essential dress code, with any other tacky/trendy options looked down upon. Not to mention, if you don't own J.Crew, wear ribbons in your hair/sevens/rainbows/something from Tiffany’s at all times/own more than one Vera Bradley bag and wallet and a Longchamp/Hervé Chapelier bag, you might as well be in Siberia. No one in Princeton is nice or friendly, and we like it that way.
Turning off Nassau onto Witherspoon Street (in Princeton, New Jersey), you will hit an old preppy favorite, J. McLaughlin. Be sure to stop here if you plan to buy into the full "Ivy League Look" — they carry all the classics, from men's pastel and embroidered corduroys to ribbon belts and monogrammed women's handbags.

Just past Coach is the Cotton Company, which is the only Lilly Pulitzer retailer in Princeton and thus a great place to pick up a sundress before lawn parties or to find a few preppy items in any season

by Lulie November 14, 2006
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NJ Guy: Heyy

Girl: Heyy where are you from?

NJ Guy: I'm from New Jersey, you?

Girl: Eww, get away from me...

MD Guy: Is this guy messing with you?

Girl: Yeah he is, who are you and where did you come from?

MD Guy: I come from the greatest land of all, Maryland,

by JMUdukes July 28, 2008
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A prank that revolves around a huge lie pulled by the founders of milkhair records.
"Hey I heard Insight is gonna drop a verse on the J Parker CD."
"Naw, I think that's just another new jersey."
by Jacob Barker February 04, 2004
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