New Jersey girls aint' trash, trash gets picked up...
Oh man look at that pile of trash and smell that stink in the air... we must be in new jersey
by matt September 01, 2004
One of the most polluted states in the United States, although it does have some nice parts (but what state doesn't?).

Imagine any other state in the Northeast US, with everyday things like suburbs, shopping centers, parking lots, wooded areas here and there, highways, businesses, schools, etc., but with all of these things cramped together in a space 50% smaller than they should be, and it gets bigger every year. And then they say "Hey, development creates jobs! Do you have a problem with jobs being created? huh? huh?" Great.
New Jersey is like one big orgy of feces and urine, with some air freshener thrown in to make up for the sick part, especially on the weekends.
by Chuck December 07, 2003
New York's little brother. The music,slang, and style of NY seems to reach New Jersey nearly a year after it faded out in NY.
"BRO it was a MAD nice day at the beach"
by StevoNYC July 19, 2005
The armpit of America.

Sure it has great malls, some pretty nasty but still fun beaches, and you don't ever have to pump your own gas (because to do so would be illegal). But it still smells, needless to say. And Jersey girls are like the stereotypical Long Islander..
"Why do you smell like rotten eggs?"
"I just got back from New Jersey."
by HeyLeigh May 07, 2005
A place where people do nothing and claim that they are the greatest.
1. New Jersey kisses the asses of New York and Long Island.
2. Wow! I just realized how boring New Jersey is!
by NJ=gay May 03, 2004
New jersey is a fagot ass state with stupid law. I hate the fact u cant own a gun. THerea are alotta preppy faggots and u cant pump ur own gas. THey think they own the world but noone likes people from jersey
new jersey is a faggot ass sstate where no one knows how to drive

Kid from Brooklyn: Yo preppy faggot
Jersey kid: go away or im gonna cry
by ItS KaMiKaZe 04 December 19, 2005
The Tri-State areas bastard child.
New York City, Lower East Side, Industry Bar and Lounge.

"Yo, everyone in this bar is from Dirty Jerz, wha the fuck?"

"Cause Jeresy ain't shit! Thus, those tunnel and bridge bastards come over here and fuck up the flo'"
by NewYorkCityGranDame November 03, 2003
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