Where I just moved to from New York City. The worst place in the world. Dirty, boring, and ugly. I don't say Yo, or 'down the shore'. Where all the lazy people come from. Princeton is the only good thing that comes from New Joisee. Noisy and over-populated. Bad drivers. See: shit
A: I'm from NJ
B: Enough said. You suck.
by SophisticatedVanny August 09, 2005
new york and pennsylvania's bitch

jersey devils suck
new yorker- Hey I sure do have a lot of trash I've got to get rid of

pennsylvanian-Me too, lets dump it on new jersey
by 116605 October 12, 2005
1. New York's dumpster
2. Leading mullet exporter since 1930
3. Home of Jon Bon Jovi.
"Those gangstas from da NYC aint seen nuffin yet. Stylin' mullets and methed up Bon Jovi fanatics... man, that's the real ghettoz. Ya heard me? New jersey!"

"He's a prick, he's obviously from Jersey."
by Goat Perversion December 17, 2003
A trashy slum found in New England. Absolutely no redeemable qualities. All land in New Jersey is either highway, road, or roadside. The place is overrun with gangs and street pharmacists.
Son: Daddy, what's so good about New Jersey?
Dad: Absolutely nothing son.
Son: Then why is it a State?
Dad: Well it's a great way to get to New York
by Shankmasta November 26, 2006
an abandon beer. An abandon beer that has too much beer to waste, but not enough to enjoy.
barmaid: what's with all these new jerseys on the table? Do any of these belong to anyone?

frat boy: I can't believe that there were exactly 27 new jerseys in the house! People need to keep track of their beers!
by Monique Ortiz April 02, 2004
A prank that revolves around a huge lie pulled by the founders of milkhair records.
"Hey I heard Insight is gonna drop a verse on the J Parker CD."
"Naw, I think that's just another new jersey."
by Jacob Barker February 04, 2004
The only state in the USA that's universally despised by both the South and the North!
"New Jersey: the Garden State! Yeah, right! If you're growing smokestacks!" -- George Carlin
by The Dude June 20, 2003

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