A place divide among two cities full a sprawling wasteful suburban communities. A place with little activity and a lot of drugs. Outside of Newark, AC, and Camden police abuse rights of kids and enforce small violations constantly. A place where every movie with no plot takes place or any Miramax movie.
Garden State (the movie), Clerks, Harold and Kumar, and thousands more resemble New Jersey.
by Nikoso August 09, 2006
Nothing good about it whatsoever.The armpit of the nation and smells like it. It's population of 8 million is 8 million too many. Nothing but a large and polluted compilation of salvage yards, chemical plants and garbage dumps. If NJ is allegedly one of the country's richest states per-capita then this country is in big trouble. Thank its liberal Democrats. This state's Democrats refuse to pass a bill called "Jessica's law," that would protect children from pedophiles. You can thank Governor John Corzine for that. What a guy. Camben is the most crime-ridden city in the country. Not surprising being in this state. The only nice part of this state is Atlantic City. Donald Trump owns half the town.
New Jersey is an absolute hell on Earth and overrun by Democrats. It is a discusting cesspool that I would not even pass through on the way to New York. New Jersey is a state I love to hate.
by krock1dk July 29, 2007
Known as the Garden State, this small area has 15 Congressional seats. The state of New Jersey has constantly been pushed around by its much larger neighbors of Pennsylvania and New York since the pre-Revolution days. Although some of the greatest battles of the Revolution such as Trenton and Princeton happened here, the state has not had mush positive press. Today, the state is New York City's dirty backyard full of industrial processing at one end, a seedy extension of Philadelphia in the south, and the Pine Barrens in another part of the state. It is home to the Sopranos though. Trapped by unfortunate circumatance, New Jersey hobbles on today.
The Joisy Devils are gonna take the cup!
by Not so super DJ Gennady February 19, 2003
the devil's home. bielzebub's front yard.
your mom.
And if you are of evil heart, when you die you will go to New Jersey.
by nicole February 16, 2005
The crap strip of land separtating Pennsylvania and the beach. And thats about it.
"Hey man, you want to go to the beach?"

"Yeah, but we gotta drive through New Jersey to get there"

by kingman91 May 25, 2007
the armpit of the united states. devils suck, the metolands suck, the giants suck (i know they're the NEW YORK giants, but they play in jersey), and whitney houston sucks.........bon jovi, ur still the shit.
new jersey girls aren't trash, trash gets picked up.
by fope-a-lope April 03, 2006
The armpit of the United States.
"Welcome to New Jersey. We're from here, what's your excuse?"
by bigtones November 27, 2005

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