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A small state filled with people who has never left, but constantly talk about how it's the best state in the world. Filled heavily with guidos who come into Manhattan on the weekends and ruin the nightlife (not to be mistaken with Staten Island fucks who are hard to identify from the Jersey crowd to the untrained eye)

Basically just a bunch of people who don't know a world outside the Tri-State area.

Put them out of their element, and that spiked hair and $100 "expensive" jeans won't cut.

For the record, California is the best state, and I'm not even from there.
Ignorant Jersey Resident: Yo, mother fuckin New Jersey is the best fuckin State in the whole fuckin world. Yous got 24 hour diners all overs, you got shopping malls where you can stalk 17 yr old high school girls, you got 7-11's.

Anyone who has traveled: Yea they have that a lot of places. Besides, who goes to the mall after middle school.

Ignorant Jersey Resident: .....? What are you, lame? Who goes to the mall? Thats like saying, who doesn't spike their hair from their neckline up.... You're crazy.

Anyone who has traveled: Hmm...alright, I'm gonna head to the airport. Going back to LA, and then up to San Fransisco to meet up with some guys and drive up to Seattle, and visit a friend in Vancouver while I'm up there. I'll be back in New York in a week or so.

Ignorant Jersey Resident: You want a ride in my Z-28 IROC? Well check me out next week, I'm gonna be on MTV: True Life
by B-TCrowdHater January 17, 2008
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What, so you think you're so special? (From Family Guy)

New Jersey is better known as the Garden State. However, it is officially known to have the most gangs and arrests (arrests apply in areas like Jersey City or any downtown areas). It is also the home of Atlantic City, the playground of rich people all over the wherever the heck you may be from to spend money on casinos and relax.
It looks as though New Jersey is peaceful. It is, as I see it!
by AThepro August 23, 2007
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A state filled with people whose income is derived from working in new york city .< fortunately, they do have really hot tacky girls >
people from new jersey come to new york for music, dance, culture, theatre, art, nightlife, work, etc. etc. ....

people from new york come to new jersey for newark international airport, ikea, football games or to be able to smoke in bars
by imd14u2b January 21, 2007
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The best fuckin' place ever.

Okay, first of all, stop with your little shit talking about new jersey. We don't say "joisey" we dont smell and we are conceded because we know were fuckin better then you.
This is the true things you say bout us...
We have an accent, its better than yours.
We are the most educated, but we have bad grammer. Oh well.
We do love bagles and pizza.
We say "cawfee" and "tawk" and that type of shit.
As you can tell we do curse a lot.(fuck mostly)

The untrue shit you bitches say...
We dont smell.
For the last fuckin time we dont say "joisey" or what ever the hell that is.
We know how to drive...
you dont though.

When we see out of state lisencs plates we porpousley drive "crazy" so you will talk shit and we feel better.
Cuz we dont care.
We have the best music scene. We have the most emo and scene kids... and they have the best taste in music.

Some of the most famous people live(d) here...
Bon Jovi, Queen Latifa, My Chemical Romance, Jay and Silent Bob, Jay Leno(this list could go on)
If you live in Jersey, Youll probley never leave.
If you live in south jersey, you say your from "SOUTH Jersey" same for north and central.
You also hate the people from the "other side"
Im a jersey girl... i may be a slut but im not fuckin trash!!
Keep talkin your shit cuz we all love it.
"I'm from New Jersey.

I understand that tomorrow means a couple days

When I ask for a regular coffee, it automatically comes with milk and sugar

There's more strip clubs than gas stations

We dont JOG in the park,we SMOKE there

a "hot minute" means a long time

I sure as hell don't pump my own gas.

You always know WHERE THE WEED AT!

There's always a liquor store that doesn't I.D

If we like you.. we share.. if not, then fuck you!

18 to party and 21 to drink really means bring extra money for the bouncer.

I know what real pizza tastes like & probably hate the pizza from your favorite pizza place.

Everyone knows at least one girl who's a stripper

All good mornings begin with a bagel, all good nights end at a diner and of coarse all good parties end with a fight.

It's pork roll, not taylor ham or canadian bacon.

I go down to the shore not the beach

Jersey girls are the best girls,just stay on their good side

I can spend countless hours on the boardwalk doing absolutely nothing...and still have fun

My second and third homes are the malls and wawa/7 11/welsh farms/sunrise parking lots

I may say some words with an accent, but at least I don't say "ya'll"

I judge people by what exit they are off the turnpike or the parkway.

I know 65mph really means 80.

My road rage is outta control, so don't piss me off

When I cut someone off, you get the horn and the finger

Its pronounced NORK not Newark thats just gay
It's TRENTIN not Trenton
It's CAMDEM not Camden

When somebody tries to mimic a jersey accent i wanna take a bat to their head.hahhah

I know of a place or been in a scene of the Sopranos

North Jersey goes to Seaside.. Central Jersey goes to Belmar.. and South Jersey goes to Wildwood. duh.

I know what the exact definition of a "Benny" is.

Only place you dont have to use the "New" part and people will still know where you
are talking about. i.e. "Hampshire" wouldn't work, ya gotta say "New Hampshire" but
sayin just "Jersey" everyone knows.

The only state to have farms, beaches, cities, vacation resorts, mountains, and they are never any more than a 4 hour drive. Oh, and NYC and Philly are extremely close as well.

We have our own (invisible) border....there's South Jersey & North Jersey..if you're from either you can't stand the folks from the 'other' and you make it clear to say "I'M FROM (SOUTH/NORTH) JERSEY!"

To us the 'g' at the end of a word is silent..you know, what it ain't even there...I'm talkin' about takin' the 'g' outta our words...know what I'm sayin'?. If you don't there's no need for me to be talkin' to you anymore..go back to your own state!

I'm from New Jersey and I love it cause we do it the fucking best."
by shmooocakes July 10, 2008
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New Jersey is....alot of things but i'll just stick with retro. New jersey is home to the largest amount of emo kids this world has ever seen. The emo kids in NJ just stand on the street corners and look so cool with their cut hair and angry glances. This state has the best BANDS ever BARNIDA, I LOVE PI, even MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE,and Memoirs OF THE FALLEN-those are just my favorites. OMG! and they all preform at clubs in morristown and montclair! now if i were you iD go to new jersey right now and see them along with the jersey shore because it's just lovely! i went down to wildwood on a school trip for the first time an i couldn't belive how amazing it was! i'v been to the bahamas and the jersey shore is way more beautiful! plus the boardwalk has the best rides and food ever. and by the way right now in New Jersey BATTLE OF THE BANDS is going on so vote 4 BARNIDA!!!
Hey Tiffany gosh i'm so bored of being a loser and only listening to stupid signed bands!

Well emo child lets go down to New Jersey, Montclair at the Bloomfield Ave cafe and see Barnida play live at all ages night!
by emochild4life August 02, 2005
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let me start by saying I am an ex New jersian, now having said that, Do Not be MISLEAD by the nickname garden state. It is Americas biggest cess pool, the only gardens that may be growing there now are probably illegal ones(in homes in camden and vineland, most typically).The state Troopers as well as the local city divisions of police are all corrupt, egotistical, self serving,trigger happy fucks, with a permanent bug up their ass! The most corrupt division Of NJ politics lies in the Welfare system and Division of Youth and Family services, both of which should be brought up on charges of fraud, neglegence, and Racial descrimination(I am talking about descrimination of the white americans, of which are harassed and denied ever recieving any benefits, when it's needed). It is is the biggest disgrace to America, as there are specifically no freedoms anymore for anyone who isn't rich or Is of another ethnical background outside of caucasion. The ONLY best part about New Jersey, Is the sign That Says: "You Are Now Leaving New Jersey"!
Did ya hear about the drug raid In Vineland, New Jersey?
by wickedhurricane March 04, 2008
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I pussy lame state that should blow up and give philly a beach cause it aint doin shit for anything
"yo man, new jersey fucking sucks"
"word, thats why i moved to philly"
by jersey_fucking_sicks December 30, 2007
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