The biggest piece of shit in the UNION. Smells like Bigfoot's dick mixed with Snookie's pussy juice. The arm pits of New York City and Philly. Full of orange blowout faggets that like to fist pump. Does not have the concept of the real world and thinks every one is out the get them. Women are cocky fat sluts who think they are hot and frequent abortion clinics. A place to go if you want to get a blow out from all the pot holes in the streets, and have your car stolen while you go for help. Your only real ambition as a person from New Jersey is to move to New York. A great place to get cheap drugs on any city street corner.
New Jersey, cause hell was full.
by FNJ August 11, 2011
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The Worst State in the freakin Union. Crappy things come out of it like Snooky, the entire shoreline, and horrible sports teams.

A comparative noun used to describe how bad somebody hates something
1. Dude, why are we going to New Jersey, everyone knows any other eastern coastal states is better than New Jersey.

2. Man, I hate that more than New Jersey. Nah, I can't hate anything more than I hate New Jersey
by Hoot Jackson September 11, 2011
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why do people think our state is so bad. have u even been to nj?
when people from like california think of us they think:
we say joisey

we're all italian
our state is a dump
what we're really like:
we say jurzee, not joisey. who the fuck came up w/ joisey?
we're not all italian, im not italian, im german and irish. and other fucking european countries
our state isnt a dump! only the borders are and near NYC

we can get our gas pumped for us, so wen its -2 degrees out, sucks for you!
oh ya the bes band is from here: bon jovi!
Fucked Up Person from like ND: eww u guys are dirty and who says joisey?
Awesome Person from New Jersey: 1. we're not dirty,at least we have a city and 2. i dont kno anyone from JERSEY who says joisey
by Megan <33 January 13, 2009
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I was born and have lived in this state all my life and love it. Yes if you're a true new jerseyian, you are conceited. Deal with it outsiders. New Jersey IS the best GOD DAMN STATE and I'll tell you why. Most of the successful people come from the state. Most of the smart people come from this state too. AND NO, I'M NOT AN IGNORANT NEW JERSEY GIRL. Yes we do have our skanks. BUT SO DOES CALIFORNIA, NEVADA, GEORGIA AND FLORIDA; The list goes on so if that's ignorant, fuck you, you damn fool. Most people of other states are jealous because we dress better (and match), we're fucking hot as shit, and a majority of new jerseyians are rich and spoiled. Discrimination happens...rarely. You have ghetto whites and blacks. You have a shit load of rich blacks...i for one am one and i like it. Many blacks are smart here. You'll find a whole bunch of blacks in AP courses. Everyone here owns atleast one pair of uggs, converse, nike, coach, juicy or any other name brand. So dont say people are poor because even people in newark have better cars than half of the people in other states. Yeah if your a southerner, then sit down because people in newark even have bigger houses than you and theyre suppose to be the poor town.
Now most people get cars for christmas or birthdays. They range from Lexus to jeep to Range rover. we like the most expensive ones.
When we go to the jersey shore, we say DTS (down the shore) learn it, live it, love it.
We smell? Yah, .000000000001% of the state.
We have a reason to be conceited. What, we cant be confident? all the other states need a Self esteem boost. People are mad because they can't be as hot as us and can't get a new jerseyian. oh, and Btw, we dont pump our gas, we pump our fists because we're just that fucking great.

In conclusion, New Jersey is the best fucking state.

by dirtyjerseybitches January 03, 2011
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The best fuckin' place ever.

Okay, first of all, stop with your little shit talking about new jersey. We don't say "joisey" we dont smell and we are conceded because we know were fuckin better then you.
This is the true things you say bout us...
We have an accent, its better than yours.
We are the most educated, but we have bad grammer. Oh well.
We do love bagles and pizza.
We say "cawfee" and "tawk" and that type of shit.
As you can tell we do curse a lot.(fuck mostly)

The untrue shit you bitches say...
We dont smell.
For the last fuckin time we dont say "joisey" or what ever the hell that is.
We know how to drive...
you dont though.

When we see out of state lisencs plates we porpousley drive "crazy" so you will talk shit and we feel better.
Cuz we dont care.
We have the best music scene. We have the most emo and scene kids... and they have the best taste in music.

Some of the most famous people live(d) here...
Bon Jovi, Queen Latifa, My Chemical Romance, Jay and Silent Bob, Jay Leno(this list could go on)
If you live in Jersey, Youll probley never leave.
If you live in south jersey, you say your from "SOUTH Jersey" same for north and central.
You also hate the people from the "other side"
Im a jersey girl... i may be a slut but im not fuckin trash!!
Keep talkin your shit cuz we all love it.
"I'm from New Jersey.

I understand that tomorrow means a couple days

When I ask for a regular coffee, it automatically comes with milk and sugar

There's more strip clubs than gas stations

We dont JOG in the park,we SMOKE there

a "hot minute" means a long time

I sure as hell don't pump my own gas.

You always know WHERE THE WEED AT!

There's always a liquor store that doesn't I.D

If we like you.. we share.. if not, then fuck you!

18 to party and 21 to drink really means bring extra money for the bouncer.

I know what real pizza tastes like & probably hate the pizza from your favorite pizza place.

Everyone knows at least one girl who's a stripper

All good mornings begin with a bagel, all good nights end at a diner and of coarse all good parties end with a fight.

It's pork roll, not taylor ham or canadian bacon.

I go down to the shore not the beach

Jersey girls are the best girls,just stay on their good side

I can spend countless hours on the boardwalk doing absolutely nothing...and still have fun

My second and third homes are the malls and wawa/7 11/welsh farms/sunrise parking lots

I may say some words with an accent, but at least I don't say "ya'll"

I judge people by what exit they are off the turnpike or the parkway.

I know 65mph really means 80.

My road rage is outta control, so don't piss me off

When I cut someone off, you get the horn and the finger

Its pronounced NORK not Newark thats just gay
It's TRENTIN not Trenton
It's CAMDEM not Camden

When somebody tries to mimic a jersey accent i wanna take a bat to their head.hahhah

I know of a place or been in a scene of the Sopranos

North Jersey goes to Seaside.. Central Jersey goes to Belmar.. and South Jersey goes to Wildwood. duh.

I know what the exact definition of a "Benny" is.

Only place you dont have to use the "New" part and people will still know where you
are talking about. i.e. "Hampshire" wouldn't work, ya gotta say "New Hampshire" but
sayin just "Jersey" everyone knows.

The only state to have farms, beaches, cities, vacation resorts, mountains, and they are never any more than a 4 hour drive. Oh, and NYC and Philly are extremely close as well.

We have our own (invisible) border....there's South Jersey & North Jersey..if you're from either you can't stand the folks from the 'other' and you make it clear to say "I'M FROM (SOUTH/NORTH) JERSEY!"

To us the 'g' at the end of a word is silent..you know, what it ain't even there...I'm talkin' about takin' the 'g' outta our words...know what I'm sayin'?. If you don't there's no need for me to be talkin' to you anymore..go back to your own state!

I'm from New Jersey and I love it cause we do it the fucking best."
by shmooocakes July 10, 2008
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ok, theres alot to say about this DISGUSTING state. i live in NJ and it is embarassing to admit that. New Jersey is the most filthy, horrible, WHORE filled state you could EVER visit. all you see here are DIRTY beaches and grimy people. everybody is RUDE and closed minded. the people are usually unfriendly, ugly, steroid injecting, "drama" obessed townies. everybody looks EXACTLY alike; they all shop at 'bebe', 'Abercrombie & Fitch', and 'Hollister' because they are conforming elitist scum. everybody tries to be tough gangstas but they are just scared little bitches. it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a conversation about music or art because NJ people will be too busy talking about the gay ass episode of 'The OC' they saw last night, and go "OmG!1!!1, aDam BRodY is sO0o HawWt!". STFU whore!

the girls here are bitchy, mean, overly tanned sluts who have severe anger and self image problems. they die their hair like 50 thousand differnet shades of blonde and light brown (and it looks REALLY bad). all of them are UNINTELLIGENT posers who will sleep with anything that moves. NJ girls look exactly alike, its impossible to tell anyone apart.

NJ guys are so incredibly UNattractive. all of them are meat heads who inject steroids into their ass and play sports all day. they will put down anyone who is socially unacceptable or not involved in typical 'guy' things. they all wear the most ridiculous, crappy, clothes you will ever see (like tight ass shirts that show off their ARTIFICIAL MUSCLES and $200 jeans that look like they were attacked by a friggin dog because of the rips in them). there are no NJ guys worth looking at.

the people in new jersey are ALL the same, there is NO diversity whatsoever. if you dont like the yankees, talk a certain way, or spend $400,000 on a car you will be ousted from the group. another disgusting and embarassing thing about NJ is the Jersey Shore. this place makes me sooo mad. its basically the grimiest, bitch filled area you could ever go to. its just so DIRTY and there really are no good people who go there. its a slimy place where FRAT boys and SORORITY girls go to make complete asses out of themselves by getting drunk and contracting HIV from each other. its actually kinda of funny to watch because its so easy to make fun of them!

basically, NJ is a bad place where no one should go. i cant imagine why anyone would want to live/visit here on their own free will. theres nothing worth seeing. one piece of advice: STAY CLEAR AWAY FROM NJ! instead, go scrap your eyes out with a dull blade, it will be less painful.
by jetsett May 10, 2006
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By far the worst of all states in the country...And I've lived in 8 states. I'm only here b/c I have to be(military).

#1 highest taxes in the country.
Ugliest beaches of the east coast.
Jug handles...google it if you don't know what these are.
Roads are all untaken care of and riddled with potholes.
Everything is way more expensive than it would be anywhere else.
Jersey has the most reported cases of Lyme Disease.
Scenery=nothing but ugly pine barrons.
Highest auto insurance in the country.
High crime.
Can't afford to live somewhere away from the crime unless you make >$500,000 a year.
A $15 toll?

Thats New Jersey for you.
by AfricanSnowOwl January 24, 2011
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