Land of conspicuous consumption, Italians, dark hair, guidos, aggressive drivers, malls, diners, high property taxes, heavily-accented syllables, jughandles and the infamous Jersey shore. I think that sums it up.
If you want to make sure that your mortgage payment is among the highest in the country, live in New Jersey.

The friendliest people are not found in New Jersey.
by aquarius32 January 01, 2010
A nasty brown stain between New York and Pennsylvania, with twice the corruption and none of the charm of either. The butt of every joke about the East Coast. The state that makes the rest of the northeast feel good about itself. A state whose residents have giant egos for no discernible reason and consider the urban wasteland seen from the Turnpike or Parkway as "scenery". Kinda like Connecticut if someone had urinated all over it and converted half of it into a toxic waste dump. A place where green air and glowing rivers are as common as big press-on fingernails and fake Luis Vuitton purses. The average IQ is "functionally retarded" but don't tell them that, because the mongoloid greaseball douchebags who inhabit "Joisey" will start a fight over anything. I'd be that miserable too if I had to live there. A fetid sewer of a state.
I just died and descended to the ninth circle of hell, where I am chained to a wall of fire and flogged with spike-covered whips for eternity. But hey, at least I'm not in New Jersey.
by Diggit18 July 29, 2009
A plague sent from the North to ruin everyone's college experiences. Also a state near New York.
wow, college used to be fun...until kids from new jersey showed up.

How come bars only play techno music and you can no longer wear sneakers or hats with tilted brims?
Oh, because all these jersey kids just showed up and starting taking jager bombs and drinking coors light.

Why did girls start hiding in their dorm rooms?
Bc all these kids from new jersey keep trying to start fights over them to prove their manliness.
by alexeipfg February 06, 2009
ok. i have lived in new jersey my whole life, so i'll give you the real definition of new jersey.

ok, first of all, we think the sun shines out of our asses, and guess what, it does. we think were better than everyone. we're the prettiest girls alive, and we know it for a fact. don't mess with us, cause we will mess you up.

also, we actually think its pathetic how everyone makes fun of us. you people are only bringing us down to make yourselves feel better. "your a joisey girl!" HAHA, no. its not joisey, its jersey.

we curse like crazy over here. we say "yo" alot. we really don't care about what you think about us.

& for all you shoobies out there who claim you hate us, WHY THE FUCK DO YOU COME HERE TO VACATION IF YOU DONT LIKE US? you dont have to come here, cause we dont want you.
we drive better than you, so shut your damn traps.

yeah, so really, new jersey is a great place to live. & like, if our gonna make a rude comment, shut the fuck up, because you have no room to talk if you don't live here.
I love New Jersey
by jerseysurfergirl October 25, 2008
first off can i just say that we dont pronounce it "joisey". its "jersey"

secondly we probably have the most in your face attitude in the world.
no we arent bitches, we just dont let anyone walk all over us.

unlike you other people we actually know how to drive.

and its not called the beach. its called the shore.

so fuck off.
loveeeeeeee <3
person: "where are you from?"

new jersey girl: "new jersey."

person: "oh, i can tell."

new jersey girl: "what the fuck is that supposed to mean."
by BREE jersey October 10, 2008
A damn good state that could kick your state's butt.
There are lots of reasons why New Jersey rocks.
We have some of the best colleges in the country (Princeton, Rutgers).
We have lots of sports teams, like the Nets, Jets, Giants, Devils, and we always follow New York teams too.
We've got a great outlook on life, even if we do live in one of the most corrupt states in the country, and we're never afraid
to have fun.
We have the best music scene outside of England, hands freaking down. My Chemical Romance, Bruce Springsteen, Fountains of Wayne.... seriously, the list doesn't end.
We have the best food in the country. We have the most diners out of any state. We know that hot dogs should always be deep fried until the casing gets ripped (only people from North Jersey know what I'm talking about). We've got the best pizza anywhere, even better than you, Chicago. And look no further than Jersey for the best damn Italian food you've ever had.
One more thing: Us Jersey girls make the best girlfriends.
I could go on for more, but I won't. Jersey rules. Eat it.
by jerseygirl94 August 21, 2008
The richest state by per capita income in the US that contains the richest town in the US, the richest county in the US, and the richest area in the world. Better than Connecticut
That rich bro that be droppin g's must be from New Jersey.
by Righteous Fist August 17, 2008

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