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basically a shit hole
dude im going to new jersey
why would you got to new jersey its a shit hole
by bob654333 July 12, 2011
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the home of the most annoying human beings on the planet. not to mention the worst drivers. and anyone that says they don't live up to the stereotypes and get all bent out of shape about it when someone complains about them, are those assholes in denial.
i've been to new jersey. what a bunch of ignorant jerks.
by thehellwithjersey February 01, 2011
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By far the worst of all states in the country...And I've lived in 8 states. I'm only here b/c I have to be(military).

#1 highest taxes in the country.
Ugliest beaches of the east coast.
Jug handles...google it if you don't know what these are.
Roads are all untaken care of and riddled with potholes.
Everything is way more expensive than it would be anywhere else.
Jersey has the most reported cases of Lyme Disease.
Scenery=nothing but ugly pine barrons.
Highest auto insurance in the country.
High crime.
Can't afford to live somewhere away from the crime unless you make >$500,000 a year.
A $15 toll?

Thats New Jersey for you.
by AfricanSnowOwl January 24, 2011
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Land of conspicuous consumption, Italians, dark hair, guidos, aggressive drivers, malls, diners, high property taxes, heavily-accented syllables, jughandles and the infamous Jersey shore. I think that sums it up.
If you want to make sure that your mortgage payment is among the highest in the country, live in New Jersey.

The friendliest people are not found in New Jersey.
by aquarius32 January 01, 2010
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The worst state in the history of the US.

Another state could secede from the current US, and new jersey would still be worst.
"man dude, this place is way to underdeveloped for the amount of people"

"that's cause it's new jersey"

"oh. It's the worst state ever..."
by ressaler September 22, 2009
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Essentially, a giant suburban landscape filled to the brim with strip malls, outdoor shopping plazas with god forsaken asphalt seas, and awful drivers to complete the package. I've lived in the state all my life and it has provided me nothing but agonizing years of pain and boredom. While some parts of the state feature fairly attractive rural areas, quaint towns untouched by idiotic guido scum and historic architecture, the majority of it is housing developments and moronic people who never got up and moved west but would rather pay exuberent taxes. The McMansion reigns supreme and it takes forever to drive anywhere. It is the worst example of post-war America next to Long Island and Los Angeles. Mediocre public transport, identical housing tracts, and bland boring suburban culture.

New Jersey can be divided into three parts, North, Central, and South.

The North, it is populated by your typical Bergen county types who range from retarded Italians to cracked out minority. Despite it's proximity to New York, it is fairly unsafe and still suffers from extreme amounts of crime and poverty.

Central New Jersey is the heart of suburbia as it lacks access to nothing worthwhile aside malls and diners, which in turn, are boring and pathetic examples of pride which others deem them. Princeton University is located here, but most people in New Jersey rarely visit it considering Princeton is one large Asian fortress that keeps to it's own.

Southern New Jersey is the epitome of the country but with all the charm of being mentally ill. Despite proximity to Philadelphia, it too suffers from crime in nearby Camden.

And then there's the shore, or beach areas. Basically overpriced slums with a wooden walkway known as a boardwalk for you to fritter away your time before you return to your respective suburb.

Do not come to New Jersey. It's like everywhere else in America that you hate, but worse.
New Jersey is awful, I'm moving to California.
by New Jersey Blows August 15, 2009
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ok. i have lived in new jersey my whole life, so i'll give you the real definition of new jersey.

ok, first of all, we think the sun shines out of our asses, and guess what, it does. we think were better than everyone. we're the prettiest girls alive, and we know it for a fact. don't mess with us, cause we will mess you up.

also, we actually think its pathetic how everyone makes fun of us. you people are only bringing us down to make yourselves feel better. "your a joisey girl!" HAHA, no. its not joisey, its jersey.

we curse like crazy over here. we say "yo" alot. we really don't care about what you think about us.

& for all you shoobies out there who claim you hate us, WHY THE FUCK DO YOU COME HERE TO VACATION IF YOU DONT LIKE US? you dont have to come here, cause we dont want you.
we drive better than you, so shut your damn traps.

yeah, so really, new jersey is a great place to live. & like, if our gonna make a rude comment, shut the fuck up, because you have no room to talk if you don't live here.
I love New Jersey
by jerseysurfergirl October 25, 2008
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