A plague sent from the North to ruin everyone's college experiences. Also a state near New York.
wow, college used to be fun...until kids from new jersey showed up.

How come bars only play techno music and you can no longer wear sneakers or hats with tilted brims?
Oh, because all these jersey kids just showed up and starting taking jager bombs and drinking coors light.

Why did girls start hiding in their dorm rooms?
Bc all these kids from new jersey keep trying to start fights over them to prove their manliness.
by alexeipfg February 06, 2009
New Jersey is the epitome of what the United States of America wishes it were as a whole: an affluent, educated, close-knit, and generally safe place to live. We have more millionaires and diners here than anywhere else, and we like it that way. We feel the need to drop the "New" in our name since no one gives a shit about the "old" Jersey across the Atlantic, so fuck them. Accent? Yeah, what's it to ya?--Joisey? Fuck that asshole whoever spread that rumor. The people here are in fact better than anyone in your third-world state since they know you are just a scuzz trying to blindly badmouth the best place on Earth due to pure jealosy. Girls here aren't skanky, and we drive fast because we actually have shit to do, unlike your hillbilly self who sits around playing the banjo or some shit. In conclusion, you wish you were a resident in the greatest state ever concieved.
Person from Pennsylvania: "Your state smells."
-Reply from a real New Jersey resident: "That's because we're stuck next to your hick-ass shithole of a state, so go fuck yourself."

Person from the South: "I'm lost on the Turnpike."
-Reply from a real New Jersey resident: "Turn the fuck around before you drop our statewide IQ 20 points."
by MK Tags March 20, 2008
A place where people say Joisy instead of Jersey but insist they say Jersey. A place of bad haircuts and gold chains. When traveling down I95 if you see a hole in the ground and smell foul odors you're there. Where people focus on superficial shit like their tan and how many times they went to the gym that week. Where the guys beat off while watching videos of themselves beating off. Where they hate New York but they're just New York light. A place where liberal douche bag singers like Bruce Springsteen come from. He sucks, you know it. A place where you can bang nasty orange skin skanks. The beach is defined as the place where you can get used needles that washed ashore. Where AIDS and drug use is as common as the foul smelling air. A place that is the butt of many jokes. Tied with West Virginia with the least amount of last names in the phone book. Claim they invented cheese fries. When you go to a bar there all you can smell is cheap cologne, tanning lotion and stank pussy. Instead of Karaoke nights they have fist pumping nights. When super storm Sandy hit it was like someone flushed the toilet but some of the turds didn't go down.
Person 1- "I have to go to New Jersey this weekend."
Person 2- "That sucks. Make sure you get tested when you get back."
Person 1- "Tested for what."
Person 2- "AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, lung capacity, IQ, hair products, excessive liberalism and skin cancer."
by The real Satan's Helper February 06, 2015
A beautiful and great state to many of us New Jerseyites.
A redneck from the south: (strong accent) Your from joisey are you, does it smell?

New Jerseyite\New Jerseyan: One, its New Jersey and two, it smells like trees, so shut the fuck up.
by A Happy New Jerseyan March 12, 2014
New Jersey is an awesome place to live, the best in the entire country. Not at ALL like it is on Jersey Shore. Hell, Jersey Shore isn't even filmed in New Jersey!
Fact: We say 'yo' and 'fuck' A LOT. Most people add 'yo' in every sentence. In fact, I find it weird when people don't.
Fact: We are fast drivers. People not from New Jersey think we're insane, crazy drivers but in Jersey, we all know that 60 mph REALLY means 80.
Fact: Practically everyone famous lived here at one point. (Think: Bruce Springsteen, David Tyree, Queen Latifah, Anne Hathaway)
Whitney Houston lived a block down from my dad when she was younger. Meryl Streep lived two blocks down from where we live now (she doesn't live there anymore, but still). Buzz Aldrin went to my middle school AND high school. Christina Ricci went to my high school. And Stephen Colbert and his family go to the same church as me.
New Jersey kicks ass. Deal with it.
New Jerseyan: Yo, let's go down the shore.
Other New Jerseyan: Fuck, yeah!
by Jersey Gurls February 16, 2012
The state where the Statue of Liberty is.
Located within New Jersey waters off Liberty State Park on the 12 acre Liberty Island (...), the Statue of Liberty stands 305'1" from ground to the tip of the torch looking out over NY Harbor.
by void_main May 15, 2011
the home of the most annoying human beings on the planet. not to mention the worst drivers. and anyone that says they don't live up to the stereotypes and get all bent out of shape about it when someone complains about them, are those assholes in denial.
i've been to new jersey. what a bunch of ignorant jerks.
by thehellwithjersey February 01, 2011

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